Stan Gotti & Mickey Gotti Take On Times Square :)

Out of the people I consider “friends” who live in NYC, I’ve only seen and hung out with two of them this past summer… Special shout out to Clem & Durell :) Outside of that, from May till now: I’ve been busy hanging out with friends who were visiting from out of town. It’s been an interesting time because I’m realizing that my friendships with those who live far away are becoming much stronger than with those who live just a short subway stop away. Slightly disappointing but at the same time, I’ve learned alot about the people I want to surround myself with as a result of this predicament … My energy is shifting and with that, so are the people that revolve in that circle of energy … C’est la vie … I could go on about this subject but I’ll leave that for a Honest Hump Day post some other time…
Today’s subject is this girl right here!
(See Below)
 This is Camesha a.k.a. Stan Gotti!

Camesha and I  met in the laundry room of our dorm building our freshmen year at George Mason University. G-M-U KNOW! From there, the rest is history! Put the two of us together and we make up half of the “Gotti’s”. (I’ll have make another post to explain this amazing circle of friends as well lol). I love this chick and was super stoked when I found out she was going to be in town for the weekend :) We met up Friday night and ate some yummy halal food with The Halal Guys on 53rd St. and 6th Ave. (Best street food vendor for halal in the city! nomnomnom) We sat by a fountain on the street corner and talked straight for almost 3 hours catching up and laughing our asses off people watching because that’s what we’re good at.
After the buttcheeks went numb from sitting down for so long, we got up and walked around the Times Square area. I’m not a big fan of this area in general because it’s so crowded but with Camesha around, we had a blast! We took pics at the photobooth in Forever 21, made a cameo in a Levi’s commercial (picture us walking back and forth across the same street for 10 min. right behind the models in the scene, staring at the camera each time the filmmaker yelled “Action”), took pics with the Candyman, tried to get into 3 different stripclubs just for the heck of it only to be denied access each time simply because we were female (sexist much NYC??), and walked all over searching for ice cream but for some reason couldn’t find any place that was appealing …
You know… Just a typical night in Times Square with the home girl :-D I didn’t take pics of half the shenanigans we got into but somethings aren’t meant to be posted for the public. Period.
 Gotti Signature Pose:  We don’t condone violence but we do walk around with imaginary guns for self preservation ;)
So you know who Stan Gotti is and I guess your wondering who Mickey Gotti is … Yep. That’s me! Setarra “Mickey Gotti” Kennedy. Can’t wait until we have a full Gotti reunion with Joey Gotti (Peach) and Tony Gotti (Tia)! Hopefully sooner than later :)
xo, Setarra