Star Struck In The Name Of Dance

While bar hopping with friends in Hell’s Kitchen, a friend yelled “OMG! I think that’s Keone and Mariel!” And of course I was like “Ahhhh, I love them! I must get a picture with them!” Which then prompted us to run into the Duane Reade after them only to run back out because we felt like stalkers. Luckily my boy, Dennis, knew Keone from way back when he danced on Future Shock and struck up a lil conversation with him for old times sake. And then he pointed our circle of friends out as current/alumni dancers of Culture Shock (all while we were trying to look cool like it wasn’t a big deal that Keone and Mariel were standing in front of us) … Then Dennis said, “Setarra would love to take a picture with you guys if you don’t mind.” (I’m cheesing hard) and they said “Of Course!” Which resulted in the picture above! I was so giddy for the rest of the night haha!

And of course, I can’t close this post without sharing some of my favorite dance videos of pieces they’ve choreographed together. They dance together and love together … Ahhh the perfect married dance couple …

Keone and Mari choreographed the last set in this Cookies showcase performance.

FYI: You can see Keone and Mariel on So You Think You Can Dance choreographing a piece tonight!! Woot Woot!

  • I look forward to seeing them on SYTYCD tonight.

  • Wow, they're insanely good. It's crazy y'all ran into them! So great of them to take time out and take a picture. Hope you have an amazing day.
    xo, Maria

  • I LOVE the Dangerous piece. thats my favorite of them

  • I didn't know who they were before now. so lame, right? I watched a few of the videos, though, and they are awesome!!! Can't wait to see their piece!

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  • WOW. These videos are amazingggggg! I'm literally speechless beyond saying wooooow lol that's so cool that you ran into them!