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This past weekend, I went to Maine for a brief visit and to attend my cousin Kali’s wedding. I had an AHHH-Mazing time!!! After almost 8 years of being away, I was worried about feeling disconnected to the place of my childhood memories. Instead, I felt welcomed and surprisingly still in touch with the culture, mindset and landscapes of Maine.
If there is one thing I learned from this weekend, it is that family will always be family. Seeing all my family wasn’t as awkward as I was worried it would be. If anything, it was comforting to know that not much has changed except for the passage of time. I am older now. My uncles, aunts and cousins are older too. But we are still family … And I can dig it. I can’t wait to go back and visit Maine again …  And definitely sooner than later :)
Last but not least, I came away from the trip with a total of 9 mosquito bites. Not bad … Not bad at all.
Dear Kali and Bryce: I Wish You Both Forever Years Of Happiness!!!
Check out some pictures from my trip below!

Visiting my great-grandparent’s resting place. RIP.

Grandparent’s home in Farmington, ME.

Setting up the reception tent before the wedding!!
Wedding Ceremony in front of the family pond.
Kali and I :)

Amazing bluegrass band that played at the wedding reception!!!
For a girl who loves hip-hop and pop music, they have made me a believer!!!
Check them out:
Outfit for the wedding. Inspired by the flowers.

xo, Setarra