Take Me Out To The Yanks Game

So here’s the deal… I don’t like baseball. To me, it’s extremely boring. Me = More of an American football gal. Burgundy & Gold till I die. I’m also a fan of boxing … And cage fighting too. I cringe every time someone takes a hit or body shot but at the same time, I feel like I’m watching real life gladiators in action. There’s something exhilarating about the physicality involved with these sports. Blame it on being the only girl growing up in a testosterone filled house with three brothers and an alpha male of a dad… However when the option to attend a Yankees game becomes available, you grab that opportunity and make the most of it…

And by making the most of it, you stop by the Dugout two hours before the game for some $3-$4 beers. Because once you get inside the Yankees Stadium … The beer is priced out the yin yang. And then you take lots of pictures of the stadium while your boyfriend is trying to focus on the game, eat the longest hot dog ever (that’s what she said), charge your iPhone in the ladies restroom for 20 min. and have fun listening to other people’s drunk conversations in the stands around you while chomping on Cracker Jack popcorn. Yea … I was that annoying girl at the game. But the rain gods were looking out for me because during the 4th inning, it started to drizzle. And by the 5th inning, it was straight up pouring with lightening which meant the baseball game had to take a ‘weather break’. We ended up leaving at that point since it was raining so bad. Regardless of how the night ended, I did it … I finally experienced what is defined as the ultimate American experience.
Go Yankees! (ahem … Go Redskins!)
Hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend!  I’m off to the Adirondacks to spend the holidays in the woods. It’s pretty much the opposite of how I spent my 4th of July last year and it’s a welcome change. No Make Up, Dirt, Waterfalls and Kayaking are in the forecast! Let’s see how many mosquito bites I come away with after this trip lol. #sweetbloodproblems

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  • Sometimes I think we're sisters from different misters. That first paragragh is all me. I need contact sports! Have a great weekend. I feel you on the #sweetblood.

  • I admit, I am a baseball fan but it can be boring. I Love the Yankees! I would love to go to a game one day!

  • I am with you on football, I cannot sit down for a baseball game to save my life. The only way you get me to one is if you make it a social event, with lots of people and beer. Otherwise, call me when football season starts!

  • Things on my mind with this post:
    1) ew yankees – lets go pirates!
    2) you & your boo are too cute
    3) the yankees do have a nice logo
    4) and stadium
    5) contact sports = yes!
    6) that is all :)


  • I love the last line. I'm definitely more of a football fan myself, but I'm trying to get into baseball. Last night my attempts caused me to fall asleep on our couch before the 3rd inning. I'll have to have some beer next time and maybe a vegetarian hot dog. The beauty is in the details (distractions), I suppose.

  • i also think baseball is soo boring, but watching it live i can do.. it somehow makes it more fun :) cracker jack popcorn.. i could so go for that right now!!

  • Fun! I'm not a fan of baseball either. Gimme some football!!!

    Have fun in the forest. Take some clear nail polish for the bug bites. It helps with the itching.

  • aw yeah… getting down and dirty. it's been a while for me. I'm craving some cliff jumping.

  • Baseball is definitely boring….but Yankee Stadium is awesome and it was awesome to just be there. Plus boring sports are always more enjoyable when there are beers involved :)

    GO Giants!!! lol