The Brooklyn Brewery

We almost didn’t go out last weekend … Saturday morning started off with heavy rainshowers and reports that two tornadoes had touched down around Manhattan. My mom’s partner had mailed me a bootleg DVD of “Hunger Games” and we were thiiis close to deciding on staying home, ordering in and watching a movie. But then the clouds parted to let the sun have it’s turn in the spotlight. Annnd we made a run for it to the train station to make most of the day before the rain decided to comeback.
First stop on our list for the day: The Brooklyn Brewery

On Saturdays, the Brooklyn Brewery offers free tours to the public between 1-5pm every hour on the hour. We got there right at 2pm and joined a group of 30-40 people as the tour guide showed the inside of the brewery and talked about the beer company’s history.
We learned some cool facts about this young beer company:
1. They sell more beer in Sweden than they do in the entire U.S. of A.
2. They brew their beer with tap water. NYC has one of the cleanest water sources in the U.S, 
The Catskills Mountains.
(I already knew this from my grams but thought I’d share this fact anyways. Anti-Fracking!!!)
3. Milton Glaser, designer of the “I Love New York” logo, designed the logo for the Brooklyn Brewery for free with the contractual agreement that he would get free and unlimited Brooklyn Beer for the rest of his life. (Sweeeeeet)
 But enough history … Let’s get to the dranks :)
After the tour we went to the Token Booth to purchase some beer tokens. For $20, we got  5 tokens. 1 token = 1 drink. So we got five beers and sipped them down (with our pinkys up) once we finally made it down the line to the bar.

Sign that little sign way down yonder? Yeap, that’s the bar … Allll the way down there haha.

We tried five different kinds of beers and when you drink at 3pm,  one has to remember to drink a cup of agua … At least one cup if you want to keep the festivities going until the night. Super glad I decided to bring along some carrots and peaches for temporary sustenance  ;)
The place was so packed that we ended up standing the whole time by the bar.  I would definitely recommend trying to catch the first tour of the day if you want to avoid the crowds.

A tour and drinks all for $20? Overall, a great deal and visit with an awesome date :)
xo, Setarra