The Girl Behind The Blog

I’m The Kind of Girl …

That will sometimes randomly shake her butt when walking down the sidewalk or at the gas station… 1 step, 2 step, Get Down! Jiggle, Jiggle, Jiggle.

That almost never has matching socks …  Except her winter wool socks … They always get paired up after laundry. The rest … She kinda just throws them in the drawer and picks two before she heads out for work.
Who still thinks The Magic School Bus is the best cartoon series of allll time. She secretly wished for Miss Frizzle as her teacher up until the 7th grade. 

I’m The Kind of Girl …

Who is known for her signature hand on the hip pose … Hey, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!
Who LOVES her chocolate!!! Dark Chocolate To Be Exact! Helloooo … Have you seen her boyfriend? ;)
That looks forward to going #2. Nothing beats the feeling of losing weight without actually having to workout.
I’m The Kind of Girl …

That gets glasses in the 3rd grade the day after she makes fun of a boy in class by calling him “4 eyes.” Karma is real people …
Who is very quiet at first when meeting new people… Not because she’s shy … But because she’s trying to figure out how much they can handle her loud personality before it gets unleashed.

That doesn’t wear makeup except for special occasions only to get pissed because people ONLY comment on how pretty she is when she wears makeup … So she makes an effort to NOT wear makeup even more. Because she IS pretty without makeup too.

I’m The Kind of Girl …

Who LOVES her Asian food … Sushi, Pad Thai, Ramen, Southeast Egg Rolls (chinese egg rolls are gross!), Cambodian Food! Let’s not forget all those yummy warm tapioca desserts! Nom Nom Nom!

Who loves Dolphins, Pandas & Hello Kitty.

And loves to dance, sing karaoke, go bowling, try new things and explore new places :)

I’ve been seeing alot of these posts going around in the blogdom so I thought I’d give it a try. Hope this helps you all to get an idea of the gurl behind this lil burghal bloggity :) And yes, I said #2. What Kind of Girl Are You?

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xo, Setarra

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  • (totally sounding white) OMG!! i love this post!!! LOL I was cracking up!! this is such a great idea!! I am sooo gona do a post like this!! thanks and you are beautiful!! Eff the makeup!

  • i cannot tell you how much I love this!!!!

  • You are just beyond adorable! :) For the record, I don't wear makeup everyday either and my hair is natural. Sadly, I get the most compliments when I have makeup and my hair is straightened. It's a tragedy, I tell you. LOL! Great post!

  • Loved this! It was so fun getting to know you better and I love all the great pics. You have such a confidence about you and radiates even from your pictures! I think you're beautiful either way, I'm not brave enough to go make-up-less most days, I've gotten far too used to it!

  • You are too much fun! Ok, not really, because there's so much thing! But SO FUN!

  • SH

    I never never wear matching socks. I couldn't find a pair of socks in my drawer even if I tried!

    Hope you have a wonderful day :)

    The Hartungs Blog

  • Haha! Love this! I think we might be twins (or at least soul twins lol)
    I kept going, me too! ME TOO! <— So, there's that.


  • Haha, I love these facts about you. They just make me like you even more. The pictures are so fun!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  • Nice to meet you! ♥

    I'm the kind of girl…
    Who pretty much lives on impulse. As she's gotten older, she's learned to navigate life more carefully, however, some things will never change completely.

    I'm the kind of girl…
    Who is extremely passionate about people and things she really cares about. Some people take it the wrong way.

    I'm the kind of girl who does what she wants. She does what makes her heart smile and makes her own choices, whether others are comfortable with those choices or not.

    That's all I can think of right now…don't want to go overboard in your comment box. lol

    ♥ Chymere Anais