The Hillwood Estate // A Hidden Gem In DC


Want to know where fabulous lives in D.C.?

Hop in your car, head to the Rock Creek Park area of the city (D.C.’s own mini-version of Central Park) and hidden in the depths of this urban oasis, you will find a gem known as the Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens.

Despite the fact that I grew up in D.C., I only just learned about this estate within the past year. Not sure why it took me so long but I’m forever thankful for one of my arts management colleagues who did a presentation on the Hillwood estate for one of my classes. Because if she hadn’t, I would probably still be in the dark about its existence.

the-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarra^^ From Left to Right: Tia, Don & Brandon

Most of the time when I’m out and about exploring, I’m usually by myself or with Charles. But on this particular weekend, a few of my friends were available and down to explore the Hillwood Estate with me and it was such a treat!

The day was hot and muggy with a very possible chance of rain.

We arrived, prepared to explore with umbrellas in hand, and after paying general admission – made our way to the grand mansion that had been turned into a “living museum”.

the-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarra the-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarra

The Hillwood Estate was once home to one of America’s first female titans, Marjorie Merriweather Post.

Post as in Post Cereal Company (which eventually rebranded to General Foods Company and then later merged with Kraft Foods in the 80’s), an empire she inherited from her father at the age of 27 in 1915 after he passed at an early age.

Can you imagine? Inheriting a $250 million company at the age of 27 in 1915? And a woman at that?


What was even more crazy?

Walking into the mansion that Marjorie purchased in 1955, lived in and personally decorated with Russian imperial art and French decorative art… It was the type of art that a person would normally see in a more formal museum setting.

Hence, the term “living museum” because these pieces of art were instead put on display in her home, making the art feel more alive and relatable as we explored the mansion from bottom to top.

I mean… Take a look for yourself.

the-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarra the-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarra the-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarrathe-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarra the-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarra the-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarra the-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarrathe-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarra the-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarra

^^ Marjorie’s bedroom. It was hard to imagine actually living in a space like this.

I’d be too afraid to break something lol. And just imagine trying to keep it clean and presentable. Quite the opposite of our 600 sq. ft. #blackandyellowhome.

But hey, I guess for some people, living like this was/is normal.


After exploring the mansion, we made our way outside to check out the surrounding gardens.

At this point, it had started raining but a little water wasn’t going to stop us. If anything, I think the rain added to our experience.

For the most part, we had the gardens alllll to ourselves and it was awesome.

the-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarrathe-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarra^^ Brandon hamming it up for the camera :)

the-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarra the-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarra the-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarra the-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarra
^^ Gang’s All Here!

the-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarra the-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarra
^^ On our way to check out the Asian Garden section of the estate.

the-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarrathe-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarrathe-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarra the-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarra the-hillwood-estate-in-dc-setarra^^ Thanks Don for this photo!

In addition to exploring the outdoor gardens, we checked out the Deco Japan exhibit = supercool and the onsite greenhouse. All in all, we spent about 3+ hours exploring the Hillwood Estate in all its opulence.

Before I go, I’d like to make a shout out to the Hillwood’s security team…

As we were exploring the empty kitchen in the mansion, I opened one of the fridges not realizing there was a sign that said “Do Not Touch” (apparently it was right in front of me?). Less than a minute later, a security guard popped out and stated she had been summoned because the cameras caught us touching the exhibit… Guilty as charged lol. After the soft reprimand, we scurried off to the next room and for the rest of the day, we jokingly reminded each other to “do not touch”!

Anyways, I guess I say this to give anyone a heads up who plans to visit the estate that there are cameras everywhere, whether you see them or not. Just because it’s a home, don’t forget that it’s actually a museum.

A living museum.

The “do not touch” sign really means “do not touch”.

With that said, admission to the Hillwood Estate is $18, $10 for students. It’s not metro accessible but parking is free.

I recommend going on a day where there’s good weather for a picnic. The Hillwood allows you to bring your own food and provides complimentary picnic blankets for you to dine al fresco in their gardens. The perfect setting for little getaway smack in the middle of D.C. Explore from top to bottom and get your money’s worth.

Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens
4155 Linnean Ave. NW
Washington, D.C. 2008
website here

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  • LOL at the guard coming for you. And LOL at you opening the fridge. I guess it there’s anything to touch in the house, I’d choose the fridge as well.

    My mom would absolutely love this. We’ve been talking about a mama-mija (that’s what she calls me) trip to DC for years. Seriously, years! We gotta make it happen.

    • lol when you put it like that, it does seem kind of random for me to open the fridge of all things in the house. I guess the door handle was calling my name ;) And YES, make the trip. Make the trip!

  • Such a beautiful home! I absolutely love places like this, not gonna lie, mostly for the chandeliers! :) #WanderfulWednesday

    • Omg, yessss! There was a chandelier in almost every single roooooom. They were so beautiful!

  • and my list keeps growing with places to go next time i’m in DC! Seriously when I think I pretty much saw everything clearly I haven’t lol.

    • Lol. There is so much to explore in D.C. outside of the typical touristy stuff. I’m making a point to be a resident tourist and go out every (or every other) weekend so hopefully, I’ll be able to add a few more items to your list :)

  • It doesn’t look that special from the outside I think but inside? Just wow! Like a castle!

    • I totally agree! One would never expect the interior to look like it does based on the exterior.

  • This definitely looks like some luxurious living! I love visiting places like this, but I’m always so tempted to touch everything. (Just the inner child in my I guess). This estate is seriously amazing though and I had no idea it was outside of D.C! I’ll hve to pass this along to my friends in the area since I doubt there know either!

    • Haha, glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t outgrown the need to touch everything. And yes, pass it onto your friends! :)

  • Beautiful mansion! I had no idea it even existed. I guess it will need to be bucket-listed. :) Sorry you got in trouble for touching the fridge. But I have to ask: was the fridge running? Did it have anything in it?

    • Hey Mandy! Great question – The fridge was not running and there was nothing in it which was another reason why we thought it was hilarious about the security guard chastising us/me about opening the door haha.