The Last of Grill Out Season ’14…

Grill Out - Quaintrelle
I’m still having a hard time grasping the fact that we are already in the month of October. Where did the summer go? Why is it Fall already? Life has been so busy… Time is flying like no other. Before I know it, Christmas season will be upon us and we’ll be ringing in 2015… My mind is so boggled. But before I get way too ahead of myself, I thought I’d share some photos of a fond memory from this past summer a.k.a. outdoor grilling season.
My friend, Thomas, is a big fan of grilling out in the summer. He’s always inviting friends to come over to his place just so he can have an excuse to use the grill in the common courtyard of his apartment complex. So it only made sense that for his birthday this past August, he hosted a grill out where we provided the booze and he provided the meats ;) #thatswhatshesaid #couldntresist

Grill Out - Quaintrelle
Grill Out - Quaintrelle
Grill Out - Quaintrelle
Grill Out - Quaintrelle
Fireball - Quaintrelle
No grill out party is complete without a deck of cards, 3 coolers of beer and Fireball. I find that we tend to revert back to the drinking games of “collegiate life” whenever our circle of friends get together because who cares that we’re 27 going on 28 and 5-6 years out of college. Drinking games are the cheapest and most effective way to have a good time with large groups of people. And if you know me, then you know my feng shui is all about having a good time without spending too much dime. Let the birthday toast and drinking games begin. 
Grill Out - Quaintrelle
^^ The Crew
^^ Rachel & Thomas 
^^ Birthday Boy Toast
^^ Dope Cope
One drinking game we brought back at Tommy’s b-day grill out was Flip Cup. Have you ever played this game? It’s so freaking simple. All you need is a table, beer and red plastic cups. Why red? Just because… America. Anyways, you divide up into two teams and line up along opposite ends of the table. Everyone takes their red cup and fills it with about 1 inch of beer and then places the cup in front of them. Once everyone is set up, both teams lifts their cups to toast the start of the game.
Flip Cup Quaintrelle
Then, the first 2 people facing each other on opposing teams race to drink their beer until the cup is empty. Once they’ve finished the beer, they then have to place their cup with the open side facing up on the edge of the table and try to flip the cup (with one finger) to land upside down. If the cup doesn’t land the first time then you have to reset the cup and try again until it does. Once it lands correctly, the next person in the team repeats the “drink & flip” in a relay race like way. Whoever’s team completes the task first, wins. 
And that’s flipcup in a nutshell. I will always choose to play flip cup over beer pong if given the option. I just don’t like the idea of throwing balls into my beer (as done in beer pong). For a better breakdown of how to play the flip cup, click here. With that said, onto the rest of the grill out pics.
^^ Tia & Don
byron linnell quaintrelle
byron linnell quaintrelle
byron linnell quaintrelle
^^ Courtyard photoshoot w/ Byron Linnell
^^ Happy Birthday Thomas!!! Cookie cake with no birthday candles for the win! 
And yes, that’s me singing opera in the back. I happen to love imitating opera…
^^ No Flash Firepit Moments
^^ With Flash
firepit quaintrelle

We ended the night by the firepit… A firepit Charles and I wish we had in our own apartment’s courtyard. But alas, this is why we’re close friends with Thomas and always accept his grill out invitations. Friends with firepits? You keep them close ;)

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  • Okay that apartment complex looks AWESOME. Where can I get one of those? Also, I don't like to brag but I am exceptionally good at flipcup. It's a college talent that I can't get rid of. ;) What a fun shindig!

  • That looks like so much fun. I want to have a good old-fashioned grill out with some friends. Good thing I'm in Southern California where it won't get "cold" until sometime around Christmas.

  • Firepits and Fireball…sold – be right over haha sounds like it was a great way to end the grilling season. I cannot believe it's the middle of October, so weird.


  • I always did love barbecues. Or any gathering with friends, really. It's just an amazing way to spend time with those you love. It seems like you had a wonderful time :) XOXO