The Perfect Christmas Tree For Our #BlackAndYellowHome


I wish I could give an update on an apartment design project but with the holidays upon us, our “home decor” budget has been temporarily allocated to the “Christmas gift” budget.

As a result, we haven’t done much around our black and yellow home.


Don’t worry tho. Things will definitely pick back up in January… Ahem, January 2017.

Can you believe it? Only 23 days to go until the new year!


For the past 4 years of living together, Charles and I have never had a Christmas tree.

Like a real, live, aromatic pine Christmas tree.

And I don’t think we ever will.


At least, not until we have kids… And no, we’re not trying to have kids yet lol.

The ritual of finding and bringing home a Christmas tree and then decorating it is a tradition that we feel will be even more special if we wait to share it with our kids.

So that’s what we’re going to do.


In the meantime, we found the perfect (fake) Christmas tree for our 600 sq. ft. home this year.

It’s something Charles has been talking about since we moved into our apartment so when I saw it on Amazon, I knew I had to get it.

The snake plant that usually sits on our coffee table has been moved to the dining room table for the holiday season.


And in its place is our very own Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

Because sometimes great things come in little packages, don’t you think?


“I never thought it was such a bad little tree. It’s not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love.” – Linus

And now for the great holiday debate… Are you team real Christmas tree or fake Christmas tree?

xo, Setarra

  • OMG Setarra, when you said y’all were getting a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, I thought you meant a little mini tree to actually fill with ornaments. I had no clue you were literally gonna get a CB BRANDED Christmas tree!!! I LOVE IT!! I literally laughed out loud, but this thing is great. And the best part is you only need to buy one ornament!

    • Lmao! Yep, I was not joking when when I said Charlie Brown Christmas tree haha. Still not as nice as a real Christmas tree but it’ll do in meantime – it’s kind of charming in its own way. :D xoxo

  • I think it’s so, so cute!! And no…I can’t believe there’s only a few weeks until January…crazy.

    • Thanks Ashley! And it’s sooooo crazy how fast this year went. O_O

  • Team fake tree all the way!

    • Ha! I’m ideally team real tree but when it comes to fiscal matters, fake trees make the most financial sense because you can pack it up and bring it back out every year. :) xo

  • Rae

    We are definitely team Real Christmas tree. We’ve gone the artificial route before when we were renting, because it is literally a hassle bringing a 7-8′ tree down a flight over stairs and then across the parking lot to the dumpster. But now that I’m a homeowner, we’ve done live trees since.

    • Awwww nice! I think Charles and I will be the same way – have a fake tree until we become homeowners then get a real tree afterwards. :)

  • Now idk why I didn’t think of this when helping my mom decorate the house lol. GENIUS!!!

    • Haha thanks Valla! We figure a Christmas tree is a Christmas tree – doesn’t matter how big or small :) Hope all is well with you! xo