The RockeFailure Tree

One of the places on my Holiday to-do list in New York is to go see the Rockefeller Tree.
So why the long face? Keep on reading …

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After going to see the New Dance Series Premiere at Julliard, (my professor from GMU, Susan, was premiering her work … gotta support!)  Charles and I, along with friends, headed to Hell’s Kitchen to hang out because we figured  “Hey, it’s Saturday night in Manhattan. The Rockefeller Tree ain’t goin no where.” This was around 10:00pm. We went to Southern Hospitality, ate some yummy food and had a few laughs. (get their chili dish with cornbread on the side … Sooooo Good) Then around 11:30ish, we walked over to 50th and 5th Ave. where the tree is located. And this is what we saw when we arrived around midnight…

My Friends is the Rockefeller Tree …  Minus the Freakin Lights!!!
Lookin like a Reg-U-Larrrrrr Ol’ Fir Tree :(

There was a huge group of people standing right outside the gates of the tree yelling “Turn On The Lights!” The police, who were playing security guards, answered, “They turn off at 11:45pm every night.” Mind you, we are couple blocks away from Times Square, where the lights are on 24/7 … 25/8!!! I appreciate the nod to saving energy but the city of Manhattan really needs to prioritize what they consider “eco-friendly” entertainment. It was soooo disappointing. We had missed the lights by 15 min! So much for the city that never sleeps because apparently, the Rockefeller Tree needs to get it’s beauty rest.

Charles and I still took a picture in front of the tree … It almost blends into the background haha. I put my “happy’ face on … Charles … more like a sad puppy. I will at some point go back to snap some shots in front of the tree with the lights on but right now, I’m still a lil bummed :/
And that is my story with The Rockefailure Tree. If Anyone is Visiting NYC and Plans To See This Piece of Urban Vegetation, Get Your Booty Buttcheeks There Before 11:45pm. The End.

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Have a Great Weekend and Happy Holidays!

xo, Setarra

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  • That is just insane! I would have never thought they turned those lights off!

    And Southern Hospitality, that's one place I keep saying I want to go the next time I'm in NYC!

  • Setarra you can boast a peculiar pic in front of an ole fir tree in the middle of Manhattan!!!enjoy your stay in Ny,lucky girl!kisses!!!!Coco

  • That is such a bummer about the tree!
    But I am super jealous that you got to see the Juliard dance company!

  • What a disappointment!! But it sounds like you have a fabulous trip in spite of the dim tree. I'm like you though.. you'd think New York could find other says to save money than turning out the lights on the tree. I'm glad you had a safe trip. Have a merry Christmas :)

  • Oh man, that's awful!!

  • You look almost like a fashion model.
    I follow your blog. You can follow my blog, if you want!


  • oh, lamest of lame! you have to go back when it is all lit up – it is beautiful!

  • Ohhhhh that is beyond lame! And such a bummer for you guys :( I'm sorry! At least you were good sports about it.. I'd have probably thrown a toddler tantrum ;)
    Nikki at

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  • You look great, I hope you have loved my city!

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  • Boo…So sad! We were in the city yesterday, and of course, got the obligatory pic in front of the tree. :)