These Past Couple Of Days …

Have been filled with love and laughter. Reunions with friends and family … It’s been ah-mazing.
With Christmas and New Years done with, I’ve had some time to reflect and go over the past couple of days. A.K.A. Laying in bed until 6pm yesterday getting over my “exhaustion” from partying hard for New Years lol. I feel really blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.  No matter how far apart, we are always in each others hearts :)
From Left to Right:
Mickey Gotti, Boosket, Stan Gotti, Tony Gotti, Joey Gotti, Don Giovanni (And lurking in the back … Billy Bakes Cakes)

^^^ Gotti Reunion
Getting a hotel room and having a sleepover party with my roommates from college and a few close friends = 24 hours of absolute craziness in the best way possible!!! “Westabio Out!”
Left: Me and My Brother, Kris   
Right: Me and Charles
With my cousins, Molly & Christina :)
We Look Soooooo Grown & Mature haha!

^^ Family Reunion
Meeting up with my brother and cousins on my Cambodian side of the family. We haven’t seen each other in a year and it was great catching up and reminiscing about our yester-years. I love my cousins and am so glad we have kept in contact over the years despite our families living in different areas. 
Us in the “olden” days …

PortaPotty Photo Story Line:
Lena, Me, Christina, & Kris had to go “pee” but all the portapottys were full…
We couldn’t hold it so we “went” anyways and Molly joined in on the fun … 
{Please ignore my skunktail phase}
The “pee” wasn’t quite real enough for me so I had to take it to next level haha.
 Me and My Bro … Typical Shenanigans :)
xo, Setarra
  • Hilarious post. So many kissy faces (a personal fave of mine).

    Hope you are having a wonderful New YEARR! xoxo

  • Great photos, I love the part about changing the date. Happy New Year!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • That last picture is hilarious. Happiest new year!

  • Such fun photos, I hope you have a great Christmas and I wish you the best of luck and hope 2013 is everything you hope it to be, happy new year.

    I'd love it if you could check my blog out and maybe we can follow each otheR

  • Newest follower here! I found you through the blog hop. Cute blog, I can't wait to read more!

  • What wonderful photos and a great way to start the New Year!! I have family all over the world and the few times I get to see them are so awesome and fun. Love all the photos and getting to know you more as a blogger.

    I hope you're having a great week and a Happy New Year!

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  • LMBO – THESE WERE SOME AMAZING FUNNY PICS. Nothing like fam time.