This Is How I Work Out…

I’ve been on a mission to create a healthier lifestyle lately. Cardio at the gym, yoga in the mornings, zumba after work whenever I can but so far, I haven’t lost that much weight. Annnd this might be the issue…

Yeap … That’s the Food Network… Episode = Iron Chef. This is my channel of choice whenever I work out in a gym that has a T.V. The only reason I work out is to be able to eat the food I want without feeling guilty and looking at food while I work out is soooooooo motivating! But this is probably the reason why I haven’t lost as much weight as I’d like.. Because what I’m burning in calories is being put right back in with food haha! Please tell me I’m not the only one???

Happy Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

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  • love this post!

  • Hahaha!!! I'm the same. I like working out, because I feel great afterwards…but honestly, I mainly do it so I can eat all the yummy food :) I wonder what my body would look like if I didn't eat so many treats.

  • hahah i love this. you are a gem.

  • Your are definitely not the only one! I did some weight lifting in my living room yesterday (8lb dumbbells) just so I could not feel guilty about all the homemade rice kris pie treats I've been having this past week, lol. Those photos are hilarious! You look so engaged in the tv.

  • You're so not alone! I exercise so that I can have Fat Fridays and eat Pasta whenever I want. I do think of food when I run too… but it motivates me in the sense that I try to burn it off my hips. LOL.

  • Haha you are not alone;)) I love food, I love trying new cuisine and life would be boring if I decided to get on diet that's why I work out too so I can have a nice delicious dinner;)

  • hahaha… my dad does the same thing. he will do his sit ups while watching food channel.

  • I have the same problem, I watch The Food Network at the gym!

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  • Hi! I am your newest follower & I love this post. I try to workout about 4-5 times a week and I'm always watching the Food Network while running or doing the elliptical. I have an obsession with most shows on that channel.