Throwback Thursday | Our Visit To The New York Botanical Gardens

 I love plants … Even if I haven’t developed my green thumb yet… (I currently own a bamboo plant … That’s It.) I just love looking at them, especially taking in the floral aromas and the arrays of colors they come in. 
They  make me happy :) Commuting on the Metro-North this past Spring, I saw an advertisement on the wall of the train car that said the The New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx was hosting an Orchid Exhibit for a couple weeks this spring.  When I got home, I ran it by my roommates and Meg was down to check out the exhibit with me the following weekend.
Moving up to NY from DC, I was curious to see how the NYBG sized up to the DC Smithsonian Botanical Gardens (I can’t help the hometown pride) … In conclusion, DC can’t touch NYBG. NYBG is huuuuuuuge (it’s almost like it’s own Garden Amusement Park a.k.a. GAP). Meg and I only went to the exhibit in the conservatory and walked around briefly to check some of the park out… But looking at the map, there was soooo much of the park that we didn’t get to and probably wouldn’t be able to see with just one visit. Check out some photos from our visit below!
 Me & Meg (& the little spring bloom in the bottom left corner)

Banana Tree
 I love water features …
Desert plants …
Alien Orchid Bulb
 I don’t know what these flowers/plants were called but they were my absolute favorite! 
The colors were soooo vibrant!!!
Yellow Flower Power :)
xo, Setarra