Throwback Thursday: Culture Shock D.C.


Culture Shock is a hip-hop dance organization dedicated to innovative
performance, artist development, and community enrichment, revealing the
power and beauty of hip-hop to diverse communities. Founded in 1993 by Angie Bunch in San Diego, Culture Shock has spread it’s wings since then and has dance troupes in LA, Chicago, Atlanta, DC, and in Ottowa and Toronto in Canada.
 I danced with Culture Shock DC (CSDC) for three years and within those years, became more involved, volunteered as their operations assistant and was dance captain last year before moving to New York in September of 2011. As it gets closer to August, I have bouts of wistfulness for the dance troupe that became a second family to me. The one thing I love about CSDC is that it is a non-competitive group focused on giving back to the community. I am still in touch with people on the team and had a whole bunch of them stay at my place in May for World of Dance NYC
I am happy to say that I will be heading back to DC this August to help out this year with ECDC, managing team registration and check in. And this year’s concert is extra special in that Culture Shock is celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary! 20 Years of Dance! Woot Woot!

What is ECDC?
It is the East Coast Dance Concert hosted by Culture Shock DC.
ECDC is the biggest FREE hip-hop/urban showcase on the East Coast so if you are in the DC area on Saturday: August 11th, I highly suggest you take the time to check this event out (this is a family event, all music is edited).
For more information about this event and the dance troupe:
 Check out CSDC’s Website and Facebook page!
I’ve been YouTube-ing past CSDC performances to get amped for this year’s show and thought I’d share! 
1. The freestyle set co-captains, Chris Law and I, put together for CSDC’s freestyle team for ECDC last year.

2. Last year’s CSDC performance at the 2011 CS Showcase in LA

3. Future Shock (CSDC’s outreach program for kids 13-18 yrs. old) set at last year’s ECDC.