Throwback Thursday | How He Hooked Me …

Nope. There’s No Ring on My Finger. But … I Am Rocking a SuperCool Bracelet :) On my wrist above is a Crucian or “J” Hook Bracelet.

Before I traveled to St. John, USVI this past summer, I did a lot of research about the island and surrounding islands. I came across information about its history, culture and people. And as I was doing my research, I also came across this bracelet. But this bracelet is more than just a simple piece of jewelry …
The story behind the bracelet I’ve heard most consistently is that way back when:
 A local fisherman had no ring to give his future wife. So instead, he molded his fishing hook into a bracelet and twisted/blunted the end so it wouldn’t cut her … And on the day of his wedding, he gave the bracelet to his wife in place of a ring as a symbol of his love and a sign that her heart was taken…
Now I’m not sure if this story is exactly true but … The hopeless romantic in me was a goner when I heard how it worked. If the person wearing the bracelet has the open end facing away from their heart, it means they are single. If the person wearing the bracelet has the open end facing their heart, that means they are taken and their heart has been claimed.

On the last full day of our time in St. John, Charles gave me this bracelet as our unofficial anniversary present. (we don’t know when our anniversary is, it just happens when we want it to happen)

I don’t know how he got the bracelet since we were stuck to each others’ hip the entire time but he managed to surprise me with this gift. I’m a pretty hard person to surprise so he scored major brownie points with that one.

But of course, knowing us … we couldn’t remember which way to face the bracelet. I didn’t really care in that moment since I was uber excited so I just put it on whatever way it happened to face in that moment.

And as we were walking down a busy bar street back to our hotel, Charles asked me twice “Are you sure you put it on the right way.”

I said “Yea. I think so. Why?”

Him: “Because you got all these locals checking you out.”

My thoughts: “Well Duh… I look good.”

Anyways long story short …

Come to find out, I was actually wearing the bracelet the WRONG way that night … Oooop.

Fast forward to now … My time in St. John is but a fond memory …
I’m in NYC where nobody knows the meaning behind the bracelet when I wear it.
At least, I haven’t met anyone yet who does.
And I kinda like that no one knows. I feel secretly exclusive.
Tiffany’s ain’t got shizz on my bracelet!!!

Thanks again babe :)

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xo, Setarra

  • Your bracelet is cool! I like when people tell their sentimental stories behind the jewelry. :) love your blog chica, I am sure to be back soon!