Throwback Thursday | I Pat My Weave Back And Forth

^^^ Me- 3 years ago …

Whenever I think about the things I want to accomplish in life,  this random thought always becomes a motiviating factor … “I gotta do something cool so I can show my future grandkids how awesome their Gramma was back in the day.” Being in a music video was one of those random life goals I had…
A couple years ago while teaching dance, I supplemented my income by working as a promoter for Nuvo liquor in the DC nightlife scene. I basically walked around in a pink dress, offering deals for patrons of different nightclubs if they ordered a Nuvo drink. At the end of the night, I got my cash and bounced. Definitely a side gig I’ve recently thought of getting back into to make some quick money so I can save for life’s “whatevers”.
Through working the nightlife scene, I got the opportunity to be in a music video. For the record, I did NOT have any weave on in this video …  But I was still patting away like any other!
I got mixed reviews from family and friends when this video was released on MTV … My friends loved it. My family … eh. I think it may have been the booty shorts and sexy feel of the video but I don’t think I crossed the line into video hoe-dom … I mean … I’m not gonna be able to wear these types of clothes forever!
Whenever I look at this video, I can’t believe how skinny I was a couple years ago! It definitely serves my motivation to get back in shape this year.
Enjoy! Peep the girl with the stripe top on … She kinda looks like me ;)

xo, Setarra

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  • Wonderfil pink dress, my dear! I liek this so much!
    Have a great time, my dear! Kisses

  • Love d dress! U look soo much lk a friend of mine.

  • I've got a pictures on my board that I look at every day of when I was smaller. It serves as motivation for me to get back down to a more comfortable weight.

    I think you look great NOW and back then.

  • I can't lie, this video is pretty hilarious. YOU look gorgeous though!
    And what a fun opportunity :)

    I'm loving your blog! & a thousand thanks for stopping by mine :)
    tiana of l'esthetique

  • The dress looks so good on you! The color perfectly complements your skin tone

    Armed With Style