Racks On Racks On Racks!

I guess it’s time to finally acknowledge that it’s December!

And what better way to start off December than to come home after work yesterday evening and find a candy cane hanging on my door knob with a sweet note (see photo above). I was completely caught off guard but genuinely touched by this Random Act of Christmas Kindness (RACK). Granted, there were candy canes on every apartment door knob on my floor but I checked out the apt. floors below and above me and they didn’t have candy canes… Soooo by process of elimination, I’m thinking the gift may have come from someone who lives on my floor… Hmmmmm.

Either way, this RACK inspired me to hop on the computer last night and look for volunteer opportunities in December in the area… And what do you know? The Capital Area Food Bank in DC had some openings available the day before Christmas! 

So what does this girl do? She signs herself up to help sort and pack food for the homeless. And then she signs Charles up to volunteer as well as her brother, who will be in town from Chicago. And then she talks her girlfriend into volunteering before finally sending out an email to her circle of friends, inviting them to join her at the Food Bank if they’re interested as well… And all this would never have happened without the help of a little candy cane from a random stranger looking to spread the holiday cheer. Mind you, I don’t even like candy canes like that haha! 

Tis the season for giving, my friends… All it takes is one little act of kindness to initiate the chain reaction for more acts of kindness to manifest and spread. If anything, my resulting actions are proof that this approach works. We need more Random Acts of Christmas/Holiday Kindness in this world… Thank You Mystery Person… I Promise To Pay It Forward :)

Happy Birthday to my wonderfully amazing ratchet twin, Kim!!! Kim recently moved to San Francisco this past fall to pursue her Masters Degree in Photography. And while I’m sad she’s so far away, I couldn’t be more proud of her for following her dreams. She is one of those friends who is constantly inspiring me to strive for more in my life. Annnnnd she’s also one of my real life friends who has a blog as well!! Check out her ah-mazing work at KimArteche.com. Love You Mama <3

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  • Aww, that's so cool and sweet! It's a good thing to be grateful for those little random blessings! And it's awesome that it inspired you to pay it forward!

  • that is the sweetest story! you are inspiring me to pay it forward as well – karma :) x

  • I absolutely love this. And love that you're volunteering at the food bank. You're such a great example, Setarra! We need more people like you in the world.

  • Aaaand I can't help but having that "rack city" song in my head as I read this…#dirtyminded. Anyways that is so awesome :) pay it forward, girl :) you will be a blessing for other people. This past sunday there was a kom & son at the post office and they were asking for money to stay at a motel. They look decent but I can sense some fear from the mom (like she is running away from somebody). When they came up to me to ask for some change, without questions asked, I gave them a decent amount of cash. The look on that boy's face was priceless. I save lives on a daily basis but it's nice to switch it up a bit ;) you go girl!

  • Good for you Setarra! I need to get myself volunteering. No more sitting around.

  • Thats such a cute idea! Ive got to start that in our office :)

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  • …and now that songs in my head lol. I'm glad that you are paying it forward. I love that I get the opportunity to give back with my sorority!

  • How sweet! That is such an awesome idea.

  • You are such an amazing person! It's cool to see how one person's small act of kindness is haveing a ripple effect to help so many others!

  • I am definitely doing RACK this season. I've never heard of this but I will definitely be the first to begin it with my group of friends. Nothing better than random acts of kindness during the Christmas holidays.

  • Awww, that's such a lovely thing to do, the candy cane on the door. And wow, well done you for volunteering for the food bank!

    Corinne x

  • I love fun things like this!

  • That is so great, the food bank always needs help around the holidays!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • This is so wonderful!!!!!!! 'RACK' is such an amazing idea, I just might adopt it for my christmas traditions next year!