To My Summer Love

The music was blasting, the bass was pulsing… And you… You slid behind as we began to sway and rock to the beat. The magic of liquor running through our veins… A hybrid of exceptions to the rule manifesting into something harmonious. We weren’t supposed to happen but we did and I blame it blissfully on the summer. A summer that caught us both off guard. A summer of emotional & physical connections. A chemistry undeniable. A partnership inevitable. A love exceptional…

Now here were are, a lucky number 7 years later… And we still got it. When the all world goes to shit, we still have the music. We still have our arms to wrap around each other and the sway of our hips to connect the melodies… When I lay my head on your chest while slow dancing away, I feel like I’m home. No words. Just movement. My language of love. Slow dancing the summer away… 

Dear Charles: I know we don’t have an anniversary but every time the summer rolls around, I can’t help but reminisce back to that summer when we first met; on how far we’ve come since then… And I just wanted to say Thank You…

Thank you for teaching me how to relax and not panic when things don’t go as planned. For calling me out when I’m acting insecure and telling me when I need to get my shit together. For taking care of me whenever I’m sick; I’m always pleasently surprised when you whip out your domestic skills without me having to haggle you. For being so supportive of my dreams even when they took me away you from as they did when I moved away to NYC 3 years ago. For driving me around the world… 7 years of me not having a car; You’re pretty much my chauffeur lol. Thank you for always calling me when you’re in the “office”… Yes, I can always tell because there’s an echo. Thank you for always telling me when I use a word incorrectly; Even if you always interrupt me when I’m trying to tell you something important. Thank you for thinking I’m sexy all the time; especially when I have no makeup on, am dressed like a bum and have gained a bit of weight. Thank you for being the best life dance partner a girl could ask for. You are and will always be my most favorite piece of chocolate in the world… I love you Boo. 

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  • This is so sweet. I love to see good relationships built on love and a mutual respect! Great letter & read (thanks for sharing).
    Lindsay @

  • I'm bout to cry lol

  • You guys are so cute together!! And this was really sweet to read.

  • You guys are so cute together!! And this was really sweet to read.

  • You guys are so cute together!! And this was really sweet to read.

  • so beautiful! love this, put a big grin on my face :) x

  • I love this. And I love that he calls it "the office", lol. Y'all are gonna be thee cutest married couple!

  • This was a perfectly written love story!!! Love that you guys connect to music and dance in such a beautiful way! Happy 7 years and wishing you many more + forever! ♥ ♥

    -Chymere A.

  • This is the sweetest!! <3

  • This is honestly the cutest!!
    xo TJ

  • You two <3
    Thanks for sharing, so beautiful.