Touch The Sky

Sharing some ‘reflective’ photos I’ve taken over the past couple of weeks while out and about :)

NYC wouldn’t be the city it is without it’s tall buildings and skyscrapers … My favorite buildings are the ones with silvery mirrored exteriors that reflect the sky on a beautiful sunny day. The architecture is quite beautiful when one actually takes the time to look up. But that’s my problem … Most of the time I’m looking straight forward or down, focused on maneuvering through the herds of people or making sure I don’t step in dog shi-ut. And when I think about it, there are so many pedestrians like me who travel via tunnel vision around the city. Unless you’re a tourist, of course.
But every once in a while, I remember to explore my peripheral vision when strolling through the city… And it’s in these moments that I mentally smack myself for not looking up more often…

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  • so pretty!! i need to do this.

  • You are so right! I'm usually too focused on hurrying up to get to my destination that I don't take in my surroundings enough. New York is beautiful!

  • I am going back to NYC in 2 weeks. Ill be sure to look up at the buildings this time! Such beautiful pics!

  • Gorgeous photos! I can't wait to get to NYC someday.

  • These are gorgeous! I always feel like I just walk through the crowd too, not really paying attention to the beautiful architecture around me. Sadddd.


  • I actually let out an audible "oh wow" when I saw the first picture. These are lovely. Breathtaking, really!

  • I love these photos! The reflections on the buildings are just so beautiful