A Look Back On Our 2015 Travels + Travel Plans for 2016

While Charles and I brainstorm our travel plans for 2016, I thought it might be fun to take a look back on where our adventures took us last year. 2015 was a great one for #blackandyellowtravels in that it was the most traveling either of us had done (in one year).

So here’s a sweet and simple recap with click-through links to each location specific post. Enjoy :)

chicago bean


In May, Charles and I traveled to Chicago to surprise my Mommy Ma for Mother’s Day. We also flew his mom out to Chicago as well so we could all celebrate together. In case you’re wondering, we stayed at this ah-mazing AirBNB which had a great rooftop view of the Chicago skyline.

Chicago – Day 1
Chicago – Day 2



In July, we spent a week in Maine for my family reunion. This was Charles’s first time ever visiting Maine and I had so much fun showing him around where I spent my summers as a kid. My goal is to finish recapping our Maine adventures by April so be on the lookout for new posts from Vacationland coming your way soon!

A Quick Hello From Vacationland, Maine
Postcards From Maine


Eastern Caribbean Carnival Cruise

In August, I went on my first ever cruise trip with Charles and his family. We spent 7 days at sea, making stops at various Eastern Caribbean islands along the way. It was a great way to visit alot of different places in a short amount of time!

Postcards From Our Eastern Caribbean Carnival Cruise
Nassau, Bahamas
St.Thomas, USVI
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
Grand Turk of the Turks and Caicos
10 Things to Do On A Cruise


New York City

In September, we took the bus up to NYC for what would be a whirlwind 24 hours trip. I lived in NYC for a couple years before moving down to the D.C. area 2 years ago and it was nice to be back in the Big Apple, even if the visit was brief. I swear… the energy of NYC is one of a kind.

24 Hours in NYC


The Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

In December, we traveled to Mexico for our friend’s destination wedding. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort in the Riveria Maya area of Mexico (about 20 minutes away from Cancun in the Yucatan Peninsula) and really enjoyed the low-key super chill vibe of the resort. All in all, a great trip to close out a great year!

Postcards from The Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
* and one more post from Mexico coming your way soon*

supreme court dc


Charles and I live in the DMV (otherwise known as the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area) and we do our best to play resident tourist whenever possible. Doesn’t matter if you travel internationally or domestically, locally or afar… Travel is travel. Sometimes the best adventures take place in your own backyard. Below are a few links to my favorite posts covering the DMV area.

Breakfast at President Lincoln’s Waffle Shop
A Free Tour of the U.S. Capitol Building
The Hike Up Old Rag Mountain

Lunching at Sisters Thai – The Living Room Cafe 
Exploring Baltimore’s Graffiti Alley

Leaving on a jet plane

2016 Travel Plans

So what’s in store for 2016? Welllll, Charles and I are thinking that this year is going to be more low key when it comes to travel. We’re definitely planning on making a trip to Maine again this summer but other than that, nothing is really set in stone. Maybe New Orleans, Barbados or the the west coast? Who knows. The possibilities are endless.

As we settle into married life and begin planning for the future, our priorities are starting to shift. Talks of tackling our student loans, expanding our family of 2 to 3 (omg) and these things cost money… Money that has so far been been directed towards travel.

Don’t get me wrong, travel will always be a priority but it’s just not as high on our list as it was last year. This just means we’re going to have to take advantage of the D.C. area and be better resident tourists which is a-ok with us. Hashtag adulting for the win. :)

  • You guys are like the most stylish cool travel couple out there! What a great recap, I bet that wherever you decide to go will be nothing short of fabulous! xx

  • So the house hunt has began for us, which means I totally get where you’re coming from with the #adulting. My friend asked if I wanted to go to the Dominican Republic in April, and i was like noooooooooooo responsibilities! But shoutout to changing up priorities.

    And omg is right with the baby talk! I’m sure everyone keeps asking when you’ll have kids (is it just me, or is that an annoying, and slightly invasive, question?).


    • Girl, yes. Adulting is so hard but so necessary lol. Soooo exciting that you’ve begun house hunting! I watch house hunters all the time and am so jealous when they show couple purchasing homes in the Atlanta area lol. You get sooo much more bang for your buck down there compared to the D.C. area.

      And yea, we get the baby question ALLLL the time lol. I definitely find it invasive depending on the person asking because for some people, it’s not their place the push their expectations on us. We have no plans to start “trying” until after I’m done with school next Spring but still, it’s something we need to start planning for now, i.e. saving, getting a bigger place, figuring out the work/life situation, etc. xo

  • I loved reading all of this! you guys have had such an incredible year and can’t wait (EEK) what you have in store for 2016!

    • Thanks Helene! Here’s hoping that 2016 is a good year!

  • Megan

    Love looking back at your travel posts. You guys had a few really great trips in 2015! Let me know if you need recs for New Orleans. Just got back last night!

    • Oh snap, I will most definitely reach out when we know for sure if we’re going to New Orleans! Thanks Megan! :)

  • YESSSSSSSS! Just got so excited seeing that Barbados may be on the cards :) XO

    • Haha, you know it Malou! :D

  • Megan

    2015 was an awesome travel year for you two! I look forward to seeing where you go this year!!

    • Thanks Megan! 3 cheers to making 2016 a great year!

  • I’m obsessed with you guys’ travel bugs and I’m stoked to see where you go next! Barbados would be absolutely bomb! Our resident Bajan superstar makes me want to go there so bad on a daily. But on the flipside, I completely get that there is a shift in priorities now that marriage and family life takes front and center. Travel is still very much a luxury so if you feel you can’t do it in lieu of having an awesome bundle of joy and tackling those deathly loans, take a break and focus on those things. I’m stoked about dem babies!


    • Thanks Sheriden! We visited Barbados a couple years ago and fell in love. It’s by far our favorite Caribbean island which is why we’re always down to go back. We won’t be having babies anytime soon but it’s still something we have to prepare for starting now. Your words of support are greatly appreciated! xo

  • I cringe when I hear student loans ugh the cost of education but I love how you guys are tackling it now and putting it into acton reminds me of something I need to do.

    I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings for you guys and the travels you guy will endure this year. And did I read about about extending the family a little? =D yes cute babies. I have a slight baby fever going on then when I babysit niece it seems to go away quick.


    • Charles and I had a brainstorming session the other day, trying to figure out how we could pay off our loans in 6 years instead of 25 O_O. It’s really daunting and will require discipline (that I’m not sure we have lol) but it’s worth a try. Student loans are definitely the ugly side of education for, esp. in the U.S.

      And no babies just yet (at least until I’m done with school) but it’s something we’re gonna start preparing for now. I definitely get baby fever every once in a while. When that happens, I have to tell my ovaries to shut up because they get way toooo excited when I see a cute baby haha! xo

  • Whitney

    Ok excuse the multiple comments in a row. I’m catching up on my reading :) I love reading all your travel posts!!! Try and stay in the DMV around May. I’m really trying to make a meetup happen with you when I’m in the area for a graduation. I like what you wrote about priorities. People get so caught up in the idea of what we are ‘supposed to do’ instead of what is right for you at the moment in time. Excited to see what you’re up to in 2016.

    • Thanks Whitney! Your support means alot!

      And I’ll see what I can do for May! Feel free to shoot me an email once your plans are set. Would loooove to link up :)