True Food Kitchen In The Mosaic District

true food kitchen mosaic district
The thing about eating more clean is this… Just because I’ve decided to eat more clean doesn’t mean everyone else is eating clean which usually means the temptation to eat yummy, caloric, butter/fried food increases when in social settings. Trust me, I know. This is why I was so excited to try out a new restaurant that recently set up shop in the Mosaic District called True Food Kitchen. 

True Food Kitchen provides a menu made of items that are anti-inflammatory to one’s diet. Imagine a dining experience where you don’t feel heavy, bloated or gassy afterwards. Sounds amazing, right? Well that pretty much sums up how wonderful I felt post-grub when Charles, Tarek, Laurence and I went to True Food after checking out the Hirshhorn Museum in D.C.

true food kitchen mosaic district
^^ Some interesting facts about True Food that we learned from their menu include: 1) All their locations are Green Restaurant certified. Many elements of their interior design have been reclaimed or made from recycle products. 2) Their menu changes seasonally and their produce, meat and seafood are all locally sourced. 3) They don’t use any processed, refined or manufactured food. They pretty much only use organic, harvested from the wild and hormone free ingredients.
true food kitchen mosaic district
^^ I loved how their kitchen was completely open to the dining area. I think it’s so much fun to watch your meals in the making and it also makes you appreciate the people who are hard at work providing your dish for the day. Food doesn’t get made by magic (says me, a girl who worked in the food industry as a waiter and cocktail waitress for 2 years).
^^ The Fellas = Charles and Tarek
true food kitchen mosaic district
^^ Kale & Avocado Dip w/ Flax Crackers
^^ Ladies = Laurence and Me
true food kitchen mosaic district
^^ Laurence got the Steak Street Tacos w/ a side of Beans
true food kitchen mosaic district
^^ Charles got the Striped Bass Street Tacos
true food kitchen mosaic district
^^ I got the Inside Out Quinoa Burger w/ a side of sweet potato hash and kale salad. Soooo good!
true food kitchen mosaic district
^^ Tarek got the Bison Burger w/ the side of sweet potato hash and kale salad as well. 
^^ Digging In
true food kitchen mosaic district

After ordering our meals and trying each other’s dishes for taste (thumbs up all around), we decided to go for dessert because heck, it’s “healthy” right? Charles and I got the flourless brownie with ice cream and it was delectable. All the yumminess without the guilt. My kind of dining experience :)

^^ Happy Tummies, Happy Friends 
 ^^ Some Food For Thought. Literally.

2910 District Ave #170
Fairfax, VA 22031

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  • I need to find more of these kind of places around ATL. Everything looks so good.

    But… i've always been iffy about flourless cake-type desserts. It was actually good, though?

  • I recently watched an episode from Anthony Bourdain's new series called, "The Layover" where he spent 48 hours in Atlanta and checked out as much of their food scene within that time frame. You should see if you can find that episode, there were some cool ass restaurants he went to. And I think going flourless takes time to get your tastebuds adjusted (it also makes the dessert less fluffy – which I prefer) but when it's done right, you can't even tell the difference. Our brownie was really good :)

  • What?? I'm sure there has to be something akin to this in Madrid! If it were possible (and not stupidly expensive), I would totally overnight a meal to you so you could have some!