Una Noche Con Las Blogger Amigas :)

Blurry Perfection … From Left to Right: Me, Kaitlin, Michael & Erin.
This past weekend was all about new experiences … First on the agenda was an NYC boozey blogger brunch with the super cool  ladies above: Kaitlin, Michael and Erin. This was my second time meeting another blogger in real life but for some reason I was more nervous for this go round because I wasn’t meeting just one blogger … This time, I was meeting THREE other bloggers!

We met at The Sunburnt Cow, an obnoxiously loud yet equally entertaining Aussie bar that was filled to brim with drunken stuper by the time we all got there. They had a great brunch menu with unlimited drinks all for $20! So what do you yell talk about with people you kind of know or don’t know through the blogosphere? Ahem … Topics of interest at the table while sipping on moomosas:
“Where we’re from, what we did for work, sex, how our parents found out we weren’t virgins anymore, my crazy mom, Erin’s love affair with Whitney haha, blogging, blog personalities, peeing, drinking, life and relationships, and bibletowns” I didn’t even know what a bibletown was before this!
At first, there were those awkward pauses in the the conversation. You know those moments of silence where you’re not sure if it’s better to let the silence roll or fill it with random chit chat … In those moments, I chose none of the above and instead … drank ;) But as time passed and more drinks got consumed, we were talking up a storm. This is just another example of why the consumption of alcohol is necessary for the world… It helps you make friends!
We ended up catching a cab to The Stumble Inn where Erin likes to hang and continued the party with half off pitchers of beer and multiple pee breaks… Because that’s what you do when you drink … You pee… ALOT. It was superfun getting to know these other gurls and I hope that we can meet up again in the future. Who would’ve thunk that blogging could bring together four gurls from different backgrounds? Big ups to Erin for making this event happen!
After the blogger’s meetup, I headed to Webster Hall to link up with my roomie, Rachael, for a concert. Rachael is a huge fan of spanish music and was planning on going to see Los Amigos Invisibles by herself but did a great job of “guilt tripping” me into going ;) I had never heard of the band before and wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into but I’m soo glad I went. Los Amigos Invisibles is basically Venezuela meets Jamiroquai with a lot of  funky latino flair. I ended up falling in love with the music even tho I had absolutely no idea what the lead singer was singing about ha! Me no speaky espanol. But I love to dance to a good beat and their live band was off the chain! I am officially a fan of their music after this show!
The concert ended around 10pm which was pretty early for a Saturday night  so Rachael and I headed below to Webster Hall’s club area and danced the night away… I think I may have even danced my way back to sober. So sweaty. The music was so loud that my ears started to pop but Rachael being Rachael (she has a solution for everything) told me to take a wad of toilet paper, chew on it and put it in my ear. Apparently it relieves ear pressure??? Who knows but I was tipsy enough to believe her so there I was… Shaking my ass on the dancefloor with wads of saliva saturated tissue in my ear holes… I know … Sex-Nay.
We made a trip to the 99 cent pizza place near Grand Central before heading back home … I love Rachael. She is constantly exposing me to new music and events. And that was that! A blogger brunch followed up with a musical escapade alongside a kindred free-spirit. Can’t get much better :)

Happy Monday! Still Wish It Was Sunday!

xo, Setarra
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  • What a fun weekend! I love it. I can't wait to be in NYC because we can meet up! YAY.

  • looks like a perfect weekend to me! well any weekend involving meeting new people, concerts dancing, and pizza- perfect.

  • Obnoxiously loud is perfect. I've been to concerts that weren't even that loud. I've never heard of the tissue spit thing but it's interesting. How'd it work out? We'll definitely get together again soon!

  • I'm so sad I missed the meetup! :( There was way too much going on at home with our doggie being sick! Next time I will be there! :)

  • Hahaha OH MY GOD how could I forget the stories about your mom. Next time we have a blog date she is coming.

    "No let him SHOOT in you!" I die. I just die.

  • Gotta love blogger meetups!

    What a fun weekend!

  • 99 cent pizza place?! Count me in!! Haha :)

  • Sounds like so much fun!! I haaaaate Webster Hall tho… memories of too much sweat and stinky people and just grossness! lol

  • awesome! you had an amazing time! :)great post



  • Your weekend sounds amazing! And you AND Michael in the same place, I DIE. I LOVE YOU BOTH. I was with Rima, Gaby and Melissa in LA this weekend and we talked about our next big trip being NY and visiting you! You're famous, or basically we're stalkers.

  • Ha! Evani said it! We talked about the next meet up being in NY so we could all meet.

    It looks like it was definitely a great weekend for blogger meet ups.