Wake Up & Smell The Snow-ses :)

Yesterday was about getting out of the apartment and making the most out of Nemo’s snow show.

It was about playing with my shadow … And being a little naughty on the side ;)

Yesterday was about walking past this house and imagining myself one day owning something like this… #dreamon

And watching my roommate kick some major snow butt…

Yesterday was about enjoying the sun in my face…

 And the spiced soy chai latte in my hand …

Yesterday was about seeing this sign …

And then walking with my face glued to the ground to make sure I didn’t step in any doggy doo doo. Pick up your sh*t New York …

Yesterday was about coming back home to a beautifully lit living room …

And enjoying the sunset that came along with it.
Yesterday … I went for a walk because I felt an intense urge to get out and get some fresh air. Really glad the roomie decided to come with! Something about snow always makes the air seem more crisp and clean. It brought me back to the walks I used to take with my grams & grampa as a kid whenever I visited during the holidays. It’s so easy to forget how powerful a walk can be. The simple physicality of walking can be pretty therapeutic … Invigorating in fact.
Yesterday … Was about feeding my soul with simple wonders.
Yesterday … Was a good day :)
Happy Monday Everyone! Hope You Had a Great Weekend!
xo, Setarra
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  • What pretty photos…ya know except for the doggy doo =)

    Our snow is melting. I'm actually glad. I'm not a fan of cold or snow. I like to look at it but not be IN it.

  • I love fresh fallen snow and the way it makes everything look. Especially when it hasn't been touched by dog poo. lol

  • I'm a little obsessed with your blog design. It's very creative! And the snow photos are lovely. New follower via the link up!


  • Setarra, this is such a lovely post and I love everything about it. Enjoying the simple things, your beautiful living room and getting out in the fresh air. Those are what wonderful days are made of. Thanks for inspiring me to do the same today!

  • That looks like the perfect day! Minus the poo :(

    Glad you're safe and warm! Kind of jealous of all that snow!

  • hahah yes i'd really like that house too.. pretty snow!!