We Been Drinkin… Watermelon.

 The story behind these photos goes a little something like this…

I bought a beanie. This watermelon beanie from Asos, to be exact. Said beanie arrived in the mail just in time for our engagement photo session this past weekend (sneak peek here). But get this… I completely forgot to wear the dang beanie during the shoot! So now I’m all bummed because I got my makeup professionally done (hello fake eyelashes) and had professional pictures taken but no photos with my beanie on. Merp. As such, I asked Charles to take a couple pics of me and my beanie when we got home. He does without complaint (win). But while I’m browsing through the pics to see how my “Watermelon Bonita Chiquita” look turned out, he asks to try the beanie on… I skeptically hand it over for him to put on annnnd got damn it! He looks even better in the beanie than I do! The nerve…

On another note, did you know that Charles and I have been together for almost 7 years now?! It just hit us the other day like a splash of cold water. Time has seriously flowwwwn. Once upon a time we were a couple of crazy kids who couldn’t stand each other and now look at us, we’re engaged! It’s crazy. But what’s even crazier is that we’ve never EVER celebrated our anniversary in the 7 years that we’ve been together. Nev-ver, Ev-ver. And you wanna know why? It’s because we simply can’t remember when we got together. Like seriously, we have no idea. All we know is that it was the summer of 2007 but we can’t remember the month or day… And the fact that we can’t remember has alot to do with the circumstances behind how we got together in the first place but I think I’ll save that love story for another post. Until then, the only hint I’ll give you about our story is that we may have been drunk… Young, impulsive and drunk (in love). Which is why we can’t get enough of Beyonce’s song… It really resonates with us haha ;)

Quick: How many times did I say ‘beanie’ in the first paragraph? First 4 people to comment with the correct number get to have a 250×150 sidebar ad on my blog for 30 days. Simple as that. I’m experimenting with some new goals and ideas here on Quaintrelle. So please bear with me as I slowly wade into blog waters I’ve yet to swim in… Who knows? After these experiments, I may decide to jump in the deep end or I may decide to wade back to the shore. Either way, I’ve got to try it before I knock it, right?

Cheers and Have a Happy Hump Day!!!

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  • Eight times! And your skin looks woke-up-like-this flawless… and I'm mad I just used that reference since I'm not a fan of Beyonce (gasp… the Bey hive will surely hunt me down, and I haven't even heard the dang song), but it does look really good. *Patiently waits for the story of how y'all got together*.


  • Awwwww This beanie is super cute!! Love the falsies on you too! That's the first think I noticed when I saw your picture. "Damn her lashes look amazing!" lol

    I think you said "beanie" 8 times. :)

  • 8!!!

    hahaha I can't wait to read the "how we got together" post!

  • I think…8, although my eyes were getting blurry from the counting. :P haha! It's cute!

  • Way too many times, that's how many. But 8. And I need the story of this drunken meet up!

  • 8 times, indeed. Buttttt that's okay. Because the beanie is freaking adorable. And deserves ALL the credit. (And your fake eyelashes, too)

  • You guys look so cute! 7 years! Wow. And yes, I'm going to need to hear this story ASAP. Also I'm interested about your new ideas for the blog :) Can't wait to see what you're up to.

  • This is too funny!! And sorry, I still think you look better in the beanie…don't tell him i said so!! :) I can't wait to hear your story one day…you must share!!

  • happy almost 7 years! and for the record, y'all both look good in the hat. and that song! that was the first thing I thought when i saw the pic of you in the hat.

  • Pretty photos, great story! Happy 7 years & counting…wishing you plenty more! 8…but I'm not the first lol

    ♥ C.A.

  • Ya'll are just too cute for words and the beanie's are just too cute. 7 years???? you just don't hear numbers like that anymore. But I definitely wish you guys more years to come.

  • Why oh why did I not see this post sooner! Congratulations on you engagement any how! The beanie looks adorable :)

  • I think you BOTH look great in it – such an adorable beanie! An congrats on eight years :) I can't wait to hear the full story!

  • that is an EPIC hat. seriously, the best thing ever. and 7 years! how wonderful. x

  • you both carry it off wonderfully. though I think he may not have enjoyed it as much as you did.
    Marie @
    In Our Happy Place

  • too cute. and 7 years?! incredible!!
    and bummed I missed out on being one of the first 4 people :(

  • Do you follow Asos on IG?? Pretty sure they posted your pic on their IG page today! So cool!

  • You guys are so cuteeee. Love the beanie, beanie, beanie, beanie, beanie, beanie, beanie, beanie. And I'm excited to hear your drunk in love story haha!


  • Ah, I love that beanie! Watermelon is my favorite :) And congrats on 7 years. What a fun milestone!

  • I love watermelon so this beanie looks beyond CUTE. Congratulations for 7 years , high school sweeties?