That One Time We Eloped At The D.C. Courthouse

dc elopement setarra

July 7th, 2014 started off like any other Tuesday morning. Charles and I woke up around 6am and headed down to our apartment’s gym. We worked out then came back to shower and get ready. Except for on this day, we weren’t getting ready for work…

Oh no, on this day we were getting married (errrrr eloping) at the D.C. Courthouse. Nobody knew what we had planned except my girl, Kim, who arrived at 7am to take photos of us getting ready and to be the witness of our marriage (Love you Kim!).

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Finally dressed and ready, we hopped in the truck and made our way downtown.


We found parking nearby at the National Building Museum (thanks Kevin the parking pass hookup!) and then walked 2 blocks over to the D.C. (Moultrie) Courthouse.

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Once we made it past security and into the building, we headed up the escalator in search of marriage bureau to check in for our 10:00am wedding appointment. Legal documents checked and approved, Charles and I were then ushered into the ceremonial room and waited for the officiant to arrive.


And as you can see from the photos below, we made the most of our time time while waiting haha.

dc courthouse wedding dc courthouse weddingSKCN-0160dc courthouse wedding

About 10 minutes later, the officiant arrived.

We exchanged words of greeting, shook hands then took our places before the podium where the officiant began reciting the words that would legally bind us together as husband and wife.


Words… Words couldn’t even begin to describe how I felt during this moment… So I’ll just let the photos do the talking.

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^^ Sealed with a kiss.

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Marriage certificate in hand, we headed back to the car to drop off a few items while waiting for our uber. Destination? The sculpture garden near the Freer Gallery of Art.

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What followed was a super quick (because it was soooo hot and humid that day) post-married photo session with my official hubba hubby. The photos below are a few of our favorites. :)

dc courthouse wedding dc courthouse weddingdc courthouse wedding

The “We Eloped” photo we used as a postcard to send to our family and friends :)

dc courthouse weddingdc courthouse weddingdc courthouse wedding dc courthouse weddingdc courthouse weddingdc courthouse weddingdc courthouse weddingdc courthouse weddingSKCN-0227dc courthouse wedding

^^ Doesn’t Charles look sooo GQ in this photo?!?!

dc courthouse wedding dc courthouse wedding SKCN-0254dc courthouse wedding dc courthouse wedding dc courthouse wedding

Once we were done snapping photos, we made our way to the street to wait for an uber to take us to our car so we could head back home.

dc courthouse weddingdc courthouse weddingdc courthouse wedding dc courthouse weddingdc courthouse weddingdc courthouse wedding dc courthouse wedding

^^ Back home. Changing out of our fancy gear into something more comfortable for the second half of the day = An evening we dubbed as our “wedding reception”.

Hope you enjoyed viewing these photos as much as I did reminiscing while putting this post together! Part 2 of our wedding day to come on Wednesday :)

  • Awwww guys! Congrats on your anniversary! This made me tear up. These photos are just so natural and really capture the fun & excitement of that day! x

    • Thanks Malou! It made me teary eyed too as I was arranging the photos together. Next up, I need to get them printed to put into a album. The goal is to have that done by our next anniversary haha. :)

  • Your ring is absolutely beautiful! Love these photos.

    • Thanks Darianne! Charles got the ring from Brilliant Earth, which specifically specializes in non-conflict diamond rings. It’s an ethical touch that meant alot to me knowing that no one died or worked in horrible, low paying conditions to get this ring on my finger. :)

  • I love this. You know I love like everything about yall lol

    • Thanks Tasha! We heart you back! <3

  • Janae

    Aww such a beautiful couple and way to celebrate y’all anniversary!!

    • Thank you Janae! We’re just taking it one milestone at a time :)

  • Love!!!!! The photos on the bench are my absolute favorites. Among others. I feel like it wasn’t that long ago you guys told me (over mac n cheese :)) that you were eloping. And yet it’s been a year already. All the feels.

    • Yesss, I remember that day too! And the photo of us on the bench is our favorite as well, we’re defintely getting that one framed. Mmmm now all I can think about is that lobster mac & cheese So bang :)

  • Zoe

    Hey Setarra :)

    Haha, oh dear, I found my eyes actually tearing up a little when I saw that photo of you crying in front of the podium. It is really interesting for me to read this. I have been thinking about my own marriage to my fiancé Oliver for a while now, and it is such a difficult decision. I have been torn between having a very small casual wedding in the backyard, and simply eloping. I am still undecided (I know what my family wants), but in my heart of hearts, I just want it to be Oliver and I, and a large expanse of nature. Nothing big, nothing fancy, no stress. Just us. How long did it take you guys to decide on an elopement? :)

    xX Zoe |

    • Oh girl, it took us a couple months of procrastinating on making wedding plans because we were overwhelmed by the potential monstrosity our wedding would become before we decided to elope. We had considered a backyard wedding as well and then decided to do a courthouse wedding but learned that we could only have 15 people in the courtroom with us. Since both our immediate families are big… We figured if we couldn’t have everyone we wanted in the room with us then it would be better to disappoint everyone instead of just a few. We also wanted to focus on celebrating the anniversaries as apposed to placing so much emphasis on the wedding ceremony. I’m going to say it took us abouuuuut 6 months to decide which equated to about 3 months before our actual wedding… Once we made the decision, it was like a weight had been lifted off our shoulders and that’s how I knew we had made the right choice.

      As far as getting married, you and your husband should do what makes your heart the most happy (whether it be to have a legit wedding or elope) because at the end of the day, this commitment of marriage is between the two of you. This is your day which means it should happen your way. Sending you positive vibes as you figure out what you’ll do!!! <3

      • Zoe

        Hey Setarra :)
        Wow! Thank you for taking the time to reply in full like that :D, it is certainly helpful to know what went into your guys’s decision (a lot of thinking and then action, it sounds like). I can completely understand where you are coming from though, and it is heartening to know that it is ok to not do what everyone else is doing :) so thank you. Also, I am definitely feeling those positive vibes ;D haha, it is lovely to read your comments because they always make me smile!!!
        x Zoe

  • Tiffany Reaves

    OMG! This is the first time I’m seeing all of these incredible photos! Wow. Just wow. You looked stunning and Charles looked iight to (lol). I love ya’ll’s story. How absolutley perfect.

  • Janeen Nicholson

    Hey cuz I absolutely adore you guys and LOVE that you eloped lol