Sooo Yea… We Eloped :)

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Charles personally picked this song for today’s post :)

Surprise! After 7 years of togetherness, Charles and I got married at the Superior Court of D.C. on 7.7.14. 

Yeap, that’s right! Charles and I finally have a mocha frappin anniversary date to abide by! Hallelujah! I have so much to say and share about our wonderfully simple day but it will have to wait until later because more than likely, as you’re reading this post, we are on our way to the airport and headed to Europe to attend Clem and Jason’s wedding in France and to enjoy the remainder of our honey-cation in Amsterdam and Barcelona! Things will be quiet on the blog while we are away but I’ll still be sharing moments from our adventures abroad on Instagram @setarrra so make sure to follow along! Until then… Love Always, Black and Yellow <3

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  • I feel like I've been waiting FOREVER for this post to go live!

    Congratulations again and have an AMAZING time in Europe!!!

    Xoxo to you both!

  • This wins the official 'Best Badass post'! You guys look awesome, the music is baller anddddddddd we're all hanging in suspense because you're off travelling Europe….no big deal.

    CONGRATS again guys!! SO happy for you! x

  • You sneaky, sneaky dogs! :) Congratulations! You look gorgeous, as always.

    XO Fal

  • HOLY. FREAKING. CRAP. Congratulations! This is amazing! I am so happy for you both, we will have to celebrate next time you are in NYC!

  • OMG!!!!!!!! Congratulations! I was wondering where you've been on my feed lately. I was like Setarra's out of school for summer, so I should be seeing more of her on my screen, lol. I'm so happy for y'all!! Xo

  • Congratulations!

    I recently discovered your blog and fell in love with it after your sweet post about your "Summer Love". I rarely ever see displays of affection like this on social media and you won me over with yours.

    Congrats again! Blessings and well wishes to your and your husband on your union :)

  • Congrats on your marriage! Love the photo!

  • OMG! How exciting!!! Congrats to you both! Love the song! Have a great trip! <3 <3


  • Congratulations!!! I love how you guys got married YOUR way!!!! Have fun in Europe!!!


  • LOVE THIS SONG!! Ain't heard it in a minute…
    LOVE YOU!! Ain't seen you in a minute…

    haha xoxox

  • Ahhh! So happy for you! Congratulations to you both :)

  • Congratulations! Amsterdam and Barcelona sounds perfect! Enjoy!

  • I can't believe I'm just seeing this now!!!! Congratulations girlfriend! That's so exciting!!!!!! :) :) :) YAY!


  • Yay yayyyyy so smart seriously. Weddings are fun, but usually not for the bride and groom. HAHA jaded much? Oh well.


  • this is the coolest thing ever. CONGRATULATIONS!! such happy news and may you both have a wonderful marriage together xxx

  • Holy WOW! Congratulations and I hope you are loving the crap out of Europe right now! (Or maybe you are back because I am so far behind on blog reading but whatever, you get the point. haha)

  • Congratulations!!!! I just found your blog, and now its a definite read.

  • Awww! Congratulations to you guys!

  • Congratulations Setarra! I hope you guys are enjoying your trip and married life. You're a family now :)

  • What???? Congrats you guys!!!! :) Hope you've been having some awesome adventures together the last few weeks!

  • Congratulations!! That is so exciting and I cannot wait to hear more :)

  • I'm so so so so so beyond happy for you guys and have loved following along on insta!!! y'all are the coolest!

  • I am the biggest asshole ever! How did I miss this?! CONGRATS! I'm so excited for you two!! This picture is super adorable :)