Wedding #4: Part 2


After a quiet and intimate wedding at the chapel, Will & Crystal had a reception the next day to celebrate with family and friends.  It was an awesome evening filled with love, reunions and simply.gettin.dowwwn. And just in case you missed it in a previous post, there’s a little bonus video you should check out at the bottom of this post once you’re done looking at the photos. Enjoy!
The first dance.
Mother & Son Dance
 Garter Time ;)
Tarek & Laurence
 Candid Moments …
 Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake!
Nom Nom Nom.
L: Crystal & Natalie  
R: Charles & Kia
 Charles & I
 Married and Ready To Smack Down All The Haters ;)

 I swear this was not rehearsed before hand … :-D
xo, Setarra