Weekending Around Old Town VA

Sharing a few moments of our time around Old Town Alexandria while walking running errands yesterday… 

Charles and I have been keeping a low profile as we prep for our trip to Europe in July. Can you believe that it’s a little over a month away!?!?! Ahhhhhhh… Our flights to and from Paris are booked, as well as our housing and in between travel from Amsterdam to Barcelona. Now we just have to figure out what sights we’d like to check out in each city and what we’re going to pack to hold us over for 2 weeks. The packing part is making me a bit nervous since we’re planning on traveling with just backpacks… But I think I can make do with having a small wardrobe while abroad since I wear the same clothes every other day anyways; it’s Charles I’m more worried about. He’s always been somewhat of an over packer since he likes to have “options” while traveling. Mmmmm, I have a feeling I may have to do a ‘suitcase intervention’ right before we leave to get rid of some dead weight lol ;)
If you have any tips or posts on what to pack for summer travel in Europe, I’d greatly appreciate if you sent them my way! I’ll also be sharing more posts as we get closer to our departure about how we’ve been preparing for our trip! Hope you had a great weekend! annnnd Happy, Happy Monday… Soooo wish it was still Sunday!

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  • These are great pictures and I'm sure the ones you'll take on your trip will be eventful, my mom is stationed in Germany and she emails me many pictures of her travels all the time.

  • Great pictures. I just moved to Alexandria and I love walking around Old Town.

  • A trip to Europe sounds so exciting! I've never been, but a packing tip I have for you is to pack dresses – they roll easily and you can also re-wear them (as long as they're not dirty) without them stretching out, etc.

  • The pictures are gorgeous in the post! I need to visit soon.

    My parents are literally flying back from Paris tonight. They said it was HOT HOT HOT and they wished they had packed more shorts and comfortable but cool walking shoes!

  • This place is so beautiful!! What great images of your adventures :)
    xo TJ


  • looks like so much fun! and not trying to plug my blog but I've been to both amsterdam and barcelona! so you should check out those posts!

  • This looks so pretty! I'd love to go :) I'm based in Europe by the way. Originally from France but based in England. Happy to help if you need any recs. Oh and I've just blogged about Paris if that's of any help. I was there for four days this past weekend to catch up with family and friends. xx

  • Ah Paris and Barcelona. LOVE THEM. Can't wait til you get there. You will love both cities!

  • Enjoy your trip to Europe!! So jealous. Looking forward to the pics :)

    Thanks for linking up with MMG!