Welcome Home | The Living Room

If you follow me on Instagramthen you know I’m a sunset addict from all the pics I share. I can’t help it… I’ve yet to see a sunrise that has matched all the beautiful sunsets I’ve seen in my life. When friends of mine travel to various places abroad and ask me if I want any kind of souvenir, I simply tell them, “Just send me a picture of a sunset from where you are.”

And so I thought I’d share pics of my living room during golden hour… Because I know you’re all dying to get a sneak peek of my comfy abode … Said no one ever haha. Our co-op building is taller than all the other buildings on our block so we have a clear of of the sky when the sun sets and of the NYC skyline. I may do a couple more “welcome home” posts to share what the rest of my apartment looks like. It’s a charming place I’ll be sad to leave when the time comes…
As I work on figuring out this upcoming transition and move to another city/state I find myself appreciating more and more the little moments. And then I’m also super happy that I started a blog last summer…  So I can capture as many of these present moments to look back on when I’m in the future reflecting on the past.
On Another Note, Today Is My Friday! I’m off to meet with Charles then head to Lynchburg, VA to attend a friend’s wedding this weekend… I’ve never been to Lynchburg before… But I have been to 7 {going on 8} weddings between this year and last year! Getting to play dress up, see new places plus a BAR (dranks are essential) all in the name of love?!?! I have yet to not attend a wedding I’ve been invited to ;) Have a great weekend everyone!
xo, Setarra
  • That's the view from your apt?!?! What? That's amazing! Sometimes I wish I lived in Hoboken just so I could always see the city. It's so pretty from across the Hudson.

  • Where are you moving?

    I'm also in love with sunsets….it's so beautiful in your living room at this time!

    Lotssss of weddings! Wow…but at least weddings are a lot of fun! (and a great excuse to get all cute)

  • hahahaha wedding weddings… i had a year like that to the point i got sick and tired of weddings… because i had no clothes to wear ;-O hahahaha

  • I love how eclectic it is. And that view! Wow.

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