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As they say on MTV Cribs… This is where all the action happens. Or not… Being in a long distance relationship, my teddy bear gets more action haha. I cleaned my room this past weekend and felt like it was decent enough to snap some pics to share on the blog. It’s simple with a couple pieces of Asian influence… I also have a huge space in my room that serves as a makeshift yoga studio in the mornings before I get ready for work. The bareness of it all makes me feel at peace when I get home after a busy day.

When I first moved up to NYC two years ago, I crashed at my friend’s place in Astoria for a month until I found a place. I saw sooooo many dreadful places during my apartment search: basement apartments w/ no windows, apartments that smelled like pet piss, and the list goes on, etc. I wondered if I would ever find a decent place… 

But then I found this wonderful 3 bedroom apartment  with two other curly haired girls who I vibed with right off the bat and knew I was home. The light, the space, the hardwood floors, the plethora of closets, having my own bathroom and the view of the NYC skyline… These amenities make it well worth living 25 min. outside of the city as apposed to living smack in Manhattan. It was almost too good to be true except it wasn’t… It was real annnnd three weeks later, it was mine :)
Moving up to New York was more than just about a gurl chasing a dream to work in the arts… It was also about a gurl moving out of her parents place to live on her own for the first time ever. It was about learning how to pay the bills all on her own and learning how to stay in budget. It was about learning how to grocery shop and make the time to cook at home. It was about coping with being homesick and far away from her family and friends back in DC. It was about learning the difference between being alone vs. feeling lonely because trust me, there is a distinct difference. It was about meeting new people and being open to the idea of change. It was about learning how to be selfish and not feeling guilty about it. 
But overall, this move was about growth… I’ve grown so much over the past two years and alot of that growth started right here with act of moving into my very first place :)

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  • Your place looks great! I love your bathroom!!! I know whatcha mean about apartment hunting in NY … there are some scary apartments our there haha! :)

  • Lovely! Looks so comfy and well organized. Makes me miss living in NYC.

  • Your room looks so comfy. :)


  • Love this! I moved away from home during college but found myself right back after I graduated to save some money. Now, I feel even more nervous about moving out because it's for REAL this time, no going back! I crave that growth though, I so happy that you had that.

  • Your apt looks so nice! When I think of NYC apts I think of small and dirty (I am not really sure why) but yours is so pretty!

    Visiting from the Just Because link-up:)


  • I love the floors, the space and how welcoming your space looks! Growth! Who knew it would like like what it does. I think we all get so ready to make that next step and live on our not realizing what that next step comes with (i.e. bills, budgeting, etc.). It's a wonderful but humbling experience. I love the part about being alone vs. feeling lonely. It took me a while to learn the difference and being alone isn't bad at all, it gives you time to learn and cherish yourself!

    Stopping by from Ashley's blog!!!

  • Stopping by by Ashley's blog.

    I was able to visit NY for my first time a few months ago. I wondering what living space looked like, thanks for sharing. Your home is wonderful!

  • what an experience and adventure to move to New York; it's something I'd love to do but NEVER would.


  • Over from Ashley's site! I've always got love for other dancers:)

  • I love this! what a relaxing space you have!

  • Kym

    Hi stopping by from Dancing With Ashley. Your blog design is amazing and your blog is great! So nice to meet you!

  • Cute bathroom!

  • I love that you use part of your room for a yoga studio! This really is a dream come true…I'm so glad everything has turned out so well for you here. The hardwood floors are fantastic!

  • I just adore you! That's pretty amazing that you have your own bathroom! Do you have the biggest room in the house? And gurl, I see those sex dice! ;) Also, how do you get your bamboo to grow so well, mine never make it.

  • Love your room! The comforter is amazing!!

  • Lovely room! It looks very spacious which is a good thing. I wish mine was.


  • When Ashley said on her blog that you're a dancer, I had to come check out you're blog since I'm a dancer too! I love finding out about other bloggers who are dancers since I feel all dancers have a special bond with one another (:

    – Carrie

  • Love how spacious your bedroom is. And you make the bed too! That's way more than I do. Kudos! It looks fantastic!

  • I love it!!! this is so open and pretty. i can't decorate worth a lick so no one gets to see my bedroom.

  • So homey! Looks like a great space to relax

  • Looks so cozy!

  • Great collection of fantastic pictures of HOME…

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