Food | Welcome to the Lime Jungle …

This past week I met up with my girl, Clem, and got some food and drinks at the Lime Jungle, a restaurant that specializes in healthy Tex-Mex cuisine. Located in the Hell’s Kitchen area of Manhattan, this restaurant actually has 2 locations within 3 blocks of each other. Not having done our research, we learned this little bit of information the hard way. Clem and I walked into the first location on 50th and 9th Ave., only to have the hostess say “We don’t serve alcohol here. Just dinner.” (Crickets chirping in the background) Well that was a deal breaker for us… So we ended up walking 3 blocks up the street to the Lime Jungle that did serve alcohol.

In front of the restaurant on 50th and 9th Ave.
Walking up to 53rd St. Can you see the Lime?
The restaurant on 53rd. is SUPER tiny compared to their location on 50th with limited seating. But we lucked out and found an empty table with our names on it. Starving, we immediately scoured the menu  and ordered our food and drinks.

For Food: Clem ordered El Classico Quesadilla and I ordered the Extreme Fajita Nachos.
For Drinks: Clem ordered a Frozen Pomegranate Margarita and I got the Tropical Margarita.
Wait Time Between Ordering and Getting the Food: About 15 minutes.
Taste: Mmmmm … We didn’t finish our food. Why? Because healthy tex-mex should not sacrafice on taste. The food was pretty bland. I’d take unhealthy, greasy tex-mex cuisine anyday if it meant more seasoning and flavor.

But There’s A Silver Lining … The Drinks!
Thank goodness we went to the location that was serving alcohol because the drinks we ordered made up for the food big time. We ended up getting 2 rounds of the same drinks. I cannot speak for Clem but I personally recommend anyone who goes the Lime Jungle to order the Tropical Margarita. This cocktail is made up of equal parts: Half Frozen Sangria & Half Frozen Margarita.
Soooooo Yummy!!!

Front: Tropical Margarita
Back: Pompegranate Margarita

Clem & I
OVERALL … Clem and I decided that we would come back to the Lime Jungle … for Happy Hour. We’ll stick to the drink menu with a side order of chips and salsa. The restaurant, as a whole, was very charming with brick walls and vibrant jungle foliage wallpaper. The restaurant was super packed when we got there around 7:30pm and stayed busy for the next 2 hours we spent there. We like loud places because we both tend to speak loudly and explicitly which made it perfect for conversation and drinks. Hit or Miss? Who’s to say Sometimes all you need is a drink and a friend … Who cares about food ;)
xo, Setarra
  • I am just curious, what is the fruit that is the main ingredient in the tropical cocktail? Is it watermelon?
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    • Hi Mystery Girl! The tropical margarita was a mixture of frozen margarita and frozen sangria. The drink got most of its color from the sangria, which was a fusion of wine with various fruits. But I'm sure a watermelon margarita would taste yummy!