Welcome To The Wild, Wild Woods … Said The City Girl

As I was going through the last of my pictures of our trip to the Adirondacks, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with happiness. These photos signify the closing of my New York chapter and I wouldn’t have had it end any other way. After living in NYC for 2 years, I was already transitioning to a different pace of life before the move to Virginia. It wasn’t easy … I wanted to squeeze in all the sights that I hadn’t yet seen in NYC into my last two weeks living there but reality gave me a hard slap across the face and said “Girl, you need to pack your shit and get on with your life.” And that’s just what I did. I packed, I cleaned, I sold my furniture on Crag’s List and moved. And now, fast forward to me living in VA for 3 weeks, I see this last trip to the Adirondacks as a confirming symbol of what my approach in life has always been about … Leaping into the beyond without knowing if there’s a net to catch you. 

I didn’t know what to expect as Rachael, Meg and I left NYC and drove up through the Mohawk Valley. I didn’t know that I would end up going on a crazy 6 hour canoe/kayaking trip, that our place of residence would be a beautiful home built on top of a waterfall or that the food would be fresher than the smell of morning dew and sooo damn tasty. I simply didn’t know … And there was definitely a moment before the trip happened when I thought about bailing but I’m sooooo glad that I didn’t. Because if I hadn’t gone, I wouldn’t have known how beautiful New York just 3 hours north of NYC. 

And hell … If I hadn’t gone, it probably would’ve been harder to get through my debbie downer mood whenever I thought about moving away from the Big Apple. Because as excited as I was about moving to Virginia, there was still a part of me that played with thoughts of saying “Phuck it” and just staying in New York. But the Adirondacks reminded me that there is a big ol world outside of my comfort zone and that most of the time… The “outside world” is just as wonderful and exciting… If you open your mind to those possibilities.

On that note, I can’t wait to catch everyone up on what’s been going on with me next week. Because these past 3 weeks have been just that… Wonderful and Exciting :)


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  • Gorgeous photos! I really think there is something to say about how much happiness nature and the sunshine on your face can bring. Not that I'm a big "nature person" but it definitely brings on a calmness I don't get anywhere else! I'm so excited to hear about all your new adventures and NY will always be there when you want to trip it back!

  • These photos are drop dead gorgeous!
    That place is like Eden!
    Britt @ One&20

  • Wow, that place looks amazing! I would feel so inspired to write and photograph if I was there. Such great photos! Thank you for linking up with Belinda and I for Travel Tuesday! I hope you link up again next week.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  • I love this post. It does signify and end and a beginning, which is exciting and scary. I know you'll do great!

  • As always, stunning pictures. Also, I would have tried to take that pup with me to Va., just saying…

  • Beautiful pictures, will need to add this place to my travel list! Now following on Bloglovin'–found your blog through the Tuesday Travel Blog Hop–and hope you'll check out our new travel blog as well: