What Inspires My Blogposts

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Linking Up With Helene and Sarah to talk about something I’ve never really thought about until now…

What inspires my blogposts?

I could say people, places, food and dance because that’s generally what I blog about …

 But if I really broke it down and looked into why exploring 

these various categories are so important to me…

The common factor would be: Death.

Yea I know … Not what you were expecting right?

But I don’t interpret Death as something negative or morose.

Death is what inspires and motivates me to: 

Go try new things, Go to new places, Meet new people and Dance my heart out.


Can you imagine how lackadaisical I would be if I was immortal? 

If I had all the time in the world to live through new experiences, 

I don’t think I would be as motivated to live and love my life to fullest.

The constant reminder that time is fleeting 

are all factors that push me to get off my tush and take on the world each day.

And it’s on this blog where I try to capture those moments…

Because 40 years from now when I’m browsing through this online diary…

 I want to be able to say,

“You Go Girl!” {in that Martin Lawrence voice}

And that’s that … It’s really that simple.

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  • Hi!! love your blog, able to learn meaningful words here, followed! <3

  • I love your blog dear.
    Your posts are impressive and the spirit and confidence is top notch!
    Riza of Pour L'instant

  • I've never thought about it that way. If you really look at it death is why we all keep moving and try to get as much to fit into our tiny lives as we can!

    Amanda Rose