What’s The 411?! It’s My Birthday :)

^^ Fresh Out The Womb … Big Lips Till I Die …
A while ago, Michelle wrote a post wondering what her future kid with The Dizzle would look like.
The Answer? ME! Michelle is Korean, The Dizzle is Black and White. I’m Black, White and Cambodian … Same Difference … Plus I’m obsessed with her blog … So it only makes sense that I could be their lovechild.

^^ These are my real parents above and I love them to death!

On this day last year, I was on crutches and laid up in bed after having ACL & Menisicus surgery.
It wasn’t that much fun … But I made the most of it. Plus I was on Oxycontin soooo life was a dream ;) I brought the party to me since I couldn’t go out.
Last Year … My dad sent me a birthday message 2 days early because he hadn’t changed his calendar from the year before! And I had a penis sex toy passion party at my place, decorations courtesy of my mom ordering everything. She stayed at my place for a week to take care of me after my surgery and was really excited about my birthday plans. You should’ve seen her at the computer, checking out all the sex toy party decorations. There was alot of  “Oh my god, You need to have this!” “Omg, what do they DO with that!?” She ordered the penis cake mold, penis table cloth, penis straws and penis banners to hang on the walls… You know, as my birthday present. Not because she’s into that kind of stuff ;)
She ALSO got me a flashlight for my birthday… To protect myself. And did a wonderful job showing me how I can use it as a weapon lol.
Today … I’m going to work with two fully functioning legs and couldn’t be more happy.As a present to myself, I’m eating whatever the hell I want and going shopping for my first ever Spanx thingy to wear under my dress for my girlfriend’s wedding this weekend! I’m actually really excited about the Spanx, I may even flash a couple people just to show it off… And then I’ll be meeting up for drinks with my roomies afterwards. It’s ladies night at the mexican bar around where I live… $5 frozen margaritas from 7pm till midnight for chicks at the bar? Oh …. You KNOW I’m there!
Have a Great Day Everyone! I’ll be back on blog sometime next week … Gotta focus on writing up a couple guest posts before I write another post for this bloggity lol. Annnnd pack for my weekend out of town. It’s gonna be Ah-Mazing! You can follow me on Instagram if you’re feeling nosy and wanna know what crazy-ness I get into this weekend ;)
xo, Setarra
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    Love the penis themed birthday, I'm definitely stealing that for a friend!

    Have a great night/weekend/week!!


    ps: Spanx are the BOMB btw, it's like hiding a dirty little secret…

  • I hope you throw in a margarita for me too (and obviously you drink mine duhhh). Happy Birthday Setarra!!! :) Also, your Mom may be the coolest mom ever, that's hilarious…


    I came over here to wish you a Happy Birthday and yest I"M the one getting the present.

    And then hit them like boom. Like this. Boom. Oh how I love your mother.

    And you I guess. No jk, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY! You enjoy those marge :)

  • Wow, I meant yet I'M and margs by the way. Maybe I already started drinking for you…


    I think it's awesome you had a penis themed party last year! Have a GREAT day today. I know it's your birthday and all but have a marg for me!

  • I love love baby lips (actual and the chapstick :-)) they are always so plump and cute (that sounded a little weird..haha) no bueno on the acl tear we totally have those socks at the hospital that I work at! Thanks for linking up chickadee!

  • Happy birthday!!! Mine was Tuesday.

    Thanks for linking up. :)

  • You were not kidding about your mama! ;) How funny is she!! Hope your birthday is a blast :)

  • Happy Birthday girly!

  • Happy Birthday!!!!! Yep!! Eat as much as you want! Enjoy it :-)


  • Yen

    Happy Birthdaaaaay!
    I LOVE that your mom got you a penis cake and penis things :)

  • Happy Birthday!!!

    That video with your mom is awesome and I love that she has on a got hip hop? shirt. So cute. I was waiting for her to swing the flashlight like a club. lol

    I hope you had an amazing day!

  • OH HAAAAAYYYY ARIES SISTER!!!!! Happy birthday girlfriend!!!!

    One, your dad's picture of him doing the fish face = epic.
    Two, your mom throwing a penis birthday party = epic.
    Three, your parents raised a really funny daughter = epic.

    Hope you have an EPIC birthday!

  • Happy Birthday!!!

  • Happy Belated birthday! Hope it was a blast!

  • Your mom is hysterical and I love her got hip hop shirt!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • happy happy happy happy birthday!!!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you had a fabulous time celebrating!

    p.s. you were such a cute baby!

  • happy belated birthday, setarra!