When Your Home Is A Mess

Dropping in on a Monday to share my mess of a home.

It’s a mess I’ve come to embrace over the past couple of weeks (cough, cough, months) because without this mess, the rest of my life would probably be in shambles.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned so far during my year of manifesting, it is that I cannot do everything.

I feel like everyone has that one thing, or in my case two things, they let go to the wayside when life gets busy.

And for me, it’s keeping our apartment clean and, surprise surprise, maintaining this blog.

I truly believe that the only reason why I made it through this past spring semester of grad school and summer of working 12 hour days while managing to squeeze in ftness and get 7-8 hours of sleep everyday was by allowing my home to become a mess.

‘Cuz who has time to clean when they’re busy hustling through every other aspect of life? Not me.

This mess allowed me to manifest many things over the past couple of months and in my own weird way, I’m kind of proud of it..

But now that we’re officially into Fall, I no longer have an excuse. While life is still busy, it is no where near as overwhelming as it was. Soooooo time to add “manifesting home cleanliness and blog consistency” back onto my list of priorities.

And I’ll get to it… Starting with cleaning the dishes, folding the laundry and writing today’s post.

The rest of our home, which needs a deep cleaning since Charles and I skipped over doing a spring and summer cleaning, I’ll we’ll get to this upcoming weekend.

And as for blogging consistently, I’m working on getting my groove back slowly but surely. Instead of working on posts when I feel like I have time, I think I need to actually schedule time. Annnnnd I’ll get to working on that this weekend too. ;)

Hello, my name is Setarra and this past Spring, Summer and part of Fall, I embraced the messy side of life and have no regrets.

What do you let fall to the wayside of when life gets busy?

xo, Setarra


  • Kathy Kennedy

    You come by it honestly. (lol) I’m just glad to see a post from you… miss hearing from you and I KNOW you are busy. Being organized at home does help. I remember when your dad was a baby and every dish in kitchen was dirty before I stopped to wash them! It’s much more pleasant to keep them done and put away … AND, of course, now with only myself (Gramp is in CA) to clean up after, it is also MUCH easier!
    We won’t talk about MD Ave. house …

  • Whitney

    Clearly my house….man if you could only see it. YIKES

  • I think this totally happens to me. But, I feel so unfocused and demotivated when my flat is messy so I end up having to tidy it before I can do anything. Tidy space, tidy mind definitely applies to me!

  • Working out, definitely working out. When i’m overwhelmed with the business of life, all forms of exercise are on PAUSE.

    Honestly, though… your apartment doesn’t look that messy! I just looks “lived in.”