Wine Lights …

Way back there yonder (a month ago), my roomies and I had a wine night at our place… We invited plenty of people but the day of, phone calls trickled in with cancellations of guests who could no longer make it. Soooooo … the party trickled down from about 25 to 6 people and you know what? WE HAD A BALL!!! I guess it just goes to show you that it’s not about how many people show up to the party but about simply about being around good people. Wine, good conversation, self-timer app on my iPhone, and rave lights … (Don’t Ask) I mean … That’s all you really need to have a successful Wine Night! Random Nights are my Favorite ;)

 xo, Setarra
  • Looks like you had a great night without all those people! and that food sounds amazingggg!