Self Portrait Sunday // Winter Storm Jonas


It’s a dangerous thing to do. Take a break from the online world…

Not being on my laptop, Instagram or Snapchat for 2 weeks – that feeling of freedom from social media I experienced was and is still very much an addictive feeling. So much so that I must admit I’m having a hard time getting back into the blogging zone.

Luckily, the D.C. area has been under a snowy siege by winter storm Jonas which means Charles and I have been stuck at home since Friday morning. As such, this break has given me some free time to edit photos and work on/schedule a couple blog posts.


This past weekend was spent majorly in the kitchen and living room, on the couch with our favorite throw blankets, watching the snow fall down though the glass doors of our balcony. For lack of a better word/description, it’s been cozy as f*ck.

We had waffles with scrambled eggs and sausage patties everyday. I made chocolate chip cookies from scratch. Charles recently put me onto “A Different World” (he has a long list of movies and shows I need to be put onto) so we’ve been watching the series on Netflix annnnd I love it. I absolutely adore Whitley and Dwayne! Dwaaaaaaaaayne haha.


We went outside this morning to check out the elements and can you believe it, the snow was up to our knees! I’m hoping we get another snow day tomorrow so cross your fingers for me! In the meantime, back to working on a few more blog posts. :)


How’s the weather been on your side of the online world?


  • I am a little goals of the cozy snowed in posts I’ve been seeing. Since we’re used to that kind of weather in ND its business as usual.. unless there’s a blizzard and then it’s 2 hour delays. I hope you guys can stay cozy for an extra day!

    • Oh man, I can only imagine the amount of snow you get in North Dakota. We rarely get snow like this in the D.C. area so when it snows, it’s always a state of emergency haha. And thanks for sending your vibes because we got another snow day today!

  • well you know us southern folks don’t have time for that white stuff and when we did get a smidge everyone left work early. smh southern problems lol

    • Haha, pretty much. We’ve been out of work since Friday and it’s been great. I can only imagine how they deal with snow further down south.