You Can Find Me At The 13th Step In NYC

Want to know where you can find me when I disappear into the city? I always make a point to try out a new restaurant or hangout spot when I go out. There’s soooo much going on in NYC, it doesn’t make sense to play it safe and do the same things. But when I find a good spot, like a real good spot = I become loyal. And once I’m loyal … It’s forever.  And The 13th Step is just that … Forever.
Me and The 13th Step have been buddy, buddy since the beginning of time. I lie to you not, the weekend I moved into my place 2 years ago was the weekend we first met. Charles had driven up to NYC from DC with all my clothes in the back of his Explorer and after unpacking, we decided to go out. We had no idear where we were going so we kinda got lost in the East Village and just went with it.

I think we went to 3 different bars that night before we ended up at The 13th Step. There was a bouncer at the door as we entered the debaucher-ed basement and he slipped us a promotional flyer that had all  these drink deals on it.It read something like this:
Monday-Sunday: Whole Bar 1/2 Price between 11:30am-8:00pm
Monday: 8pm-Close … $4 mixxed drinks, drafts, bottles, cans, shots
Tuesday: 8pm-Close … $1 drafts & $8 pitchers
Wednesday: 8pm-Close … $3 drafts, bottles, tall boys and shots
Thursday: 8pm-Close … $8 & $12 Pitchers, $4 Mixed Drinks
Friday: Nothing special besides the weekly special above. (I don’t come on this day.)
Saturday: 8-9pm … $1 drafts, $3 shots
Sunday: 8pm-Close … All beer 1/2 off, $4 Jameson shots
For a girl who had just moved to the most expensive city in the US, I couldn’t have asked for a better “Welcome to NYC!”
And from then on, I kept on coming back… The 13th Step has become a staple for me. It’s the plan C that always becomes plan A when all else fails. The place is always packed, loud, drunk and yet … Soooo very inviting.
I’ve had some great memories at this place… There may even be a video in the archives that Charles took of me at bar area where I profusely said:  “I am not drunk. I don’t give a phuck what you say. I can handle my liquor… “Annnnnd then I promptly came home afterwards and fell asleep with the toilet as my pillow. Chyea … That video? NEVER making it onto the blog lol.
Granted, I’ve been out of school for 4 years now… But what college graduate wouldn’t have a great time at a bar that has a beer pong table!?!?! I’ve even played the game a few times in these past two years… It doesn’t end with a keg stand like in my golden years but it’s still fun… Makes me feel like I can still hang :)
^^ And then there’s the greasy slice of heaven on their menu called: A Chicken Waffle Sandwich with TATOR TOTS on the side. You can’t see the dipping bowl of syrup hiding behind the sandwich but trust me, it’s there. And I dip and double dip and triple dip and maybe ask for another serving of syrup because I’ve dipped my sandwich toooo much. Don’t even get me started on the tator tots … Paired up with a pitcher of Blue Moon and I’m all set. This is the only thing I’ll order when I come here. It’s good … Guiltily so…
Sometimes if I’m feeling like a badass … I’ll even do Power Hour on Saturdays. You know … $3 shots from 8-9pm that you can chase down with $1 drafts. My preference … Crown Royal. Because if I’m gonna take a shot of anything, I might as well make sure it’s good quality. Thanks April, for putting me on :)

But for the most part I’ll be in the booth area chillaxin, sipping on some Blue Moon. You know, Orange Juice With a Twist. It’s my favorite beer after Tequila. And that’s that… If you don’t know, now you know.
Have I romanticized The 13th Step a bit? Quite possibly. If you were to ever visit this dive yourself,
I can’t guarantee that you’ll leave with the same kind of love for it as I do. What I can guarantee is that you will have some kind of experience. But whatever happens… Don’t blame your experience on me because you read this post and decided to check it out for yourself.

xo, Setarra

  • How fun! I wish I would have found this place last weekend when I was in NYC. Next time!

  • That's too much fun in one place! Wish I was there now (as I sit here typing at my desk in East Tennessee).

  • a chicken waffle sandwich!? sounds amazing!

  • Looks like a fun place. And a waffle sandwich?! YUMMMMMM!

    Thanks for linking up!

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  • omg, i hit play on the song while reading this post.
    i'm twerking in my head and droooooolling over blue moon right now…

    or a pitcher of Hangar 24. It's like Blue Moon too. It's from a local brewery in the IE of SoCal. Get it girl. You won't regret it. Hmmm…

    mmmm TATER TOTZ

  • I found your blog on Aloha Friday and just started following on GFC! I have heard of places that do chicken and waffles but always thought it sounded like a weird combo. Until I saw that sandwich and wanted to face plant in it. Maybe I can make a grilled version at home so I don't destroy my diet…

    Ashley @

  • Those pictures of the city are awesome and now I am jealous!!! I am hosting today at my site – swing by and share if you can! FOLLOWING!

  • I ahve heard nothing but amazing things about thsi bar and I still have yet to go. FAIL.