Walking Across The Brooklyn Bridge!!!

After checking out the Brooklyn Brewery and walking around Williamsburg, Charles and I made our way to the Brooklyn Bridge. This had been on my to-do list since I moved up to New York last year but I never got around to making it happen until now.
It was a beautiful day … Breezy & Bright! The walk across the bridge took about 45 min. since we were casually strolling along. I’m glad we walked from Brooklyn into NYC because we had some great views of the New York skyline. I felt bad for those people we saw walking in the opposite direction from NYC towards Brooklyn. (not as pretty of a view)
We lucked out with the weather because after we left the bridge to get some food in the East Village,
the clouds began to roll in and it started to rain… You know … Happy Rain … The kind of rain that’s A-OK because you’re so happy to be walking around the city with the lover :)

 xo, Setarra